Small Progress?

by Christine on July 25th, 2016

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I don’t know if I can call this real progress or not…but this past week I did much better eating. I was able to whittle my calories down to 1100 or less almost every day last week. As a result, the scale stopped moving upwards. It has stayed in one place all week. I suppose it’s small progress to stop the RISE of the scale, but I’m EXTREMELY anxious to get the scale moving back down.

I chose healthy snack foods this week, which is good. And I’m eating every few hours, which is good. My portion sizes were also much better. I also did a good job going to the gym and working out–I got my three Ragnar Training Days in this week. I need to continue to work on cutting out the alcohol and continue working on whittling down my calories into the optimal 800-1000 calorie range for me.

7/18: 1390 calories, no exercise << Bad calorie day!

7/19: 1025 calories, jogged a 5K outside

7/20: 1220 calories, gardening 30 minutes << bad calorie day!

7/21: 1190 calories, walking with a friend after work for 1 hour

7/22: 1112 calories, gardening for 30 minutes

7/23: 1044 calories, jogging (4.2 miles total) at the gym, swimming

7/24: 1070 calories, jogging 5K at the gym, swimming


I went to the grocery store yesterday and stocked up on lots of healthy snack foods: almonds, yogurt, veggies, apples, oranges, nectarines, grapes, etc. So I should be fully prepared for healthy snacks and some healthy from-home lunches this week. My evenings look pretty clear, so I may be able to cook some healthy meals at home also.

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