Trip to Switzerland and Italy

by Christine on July 14th, 2016

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A few weeks ago, hubby and I went on a fabulous trip to Switzerland and Italy. We loved Switzerland (Lauterbrunnen) and felt a little “meh” about Italy (Cinque Terre). At both places we stayed in apartments with full kitchens, so we were able to pick healthy foods up at the grocery store and cook at home. In Italy I indulged in delicious caprese (tomato + mozerella salads) every day! Yum!  The highlight of my trip, other than traveling with my awesome in-law family, was paragliding in Switzerland. Wow, what an experience!

Trip1  Trip2


As you can see from these photos, I have gained quite a bit of weight since losing my gastric band. I’ve gained 45 pounds so far, actually, and when I see these photos I cringe.

Furthermore, this past weekend I went through my many tubs of clothing stored in my basement. I sorted through them so I have one tub per clothing size: A Size 2/4 tub; a Size 6 tub; a Size 8 tub; a Size 10 tub; a Size 12 tub. Right now I’m wearing a size 14. I’ve gone up five clothing sizes in the past two years, since losing my band, which is about right: I find I go up/down a clothing size every 10 pounds. Wow! That’s a lot of clothes to buy every few weeks! It was hard not to cry while going through that much-needed task.

So how did I get here? Well, a few things, really:

  • I lost my gastric band, and the magic of it.
  • My dad died, and I indulged in some emotional eating.
  • I started to gain weight, which was another loss, which I fueled by emotional eating. Much sadness happening.
  • I tore my ACL in my left knee, which was a long recuperation process and required me to be more sedentary than I was previously. Other health challenges include continuing to deal with post-lyme syndrome and chronic fatigue syndrome and a low-acting thyroid.
  • I was very active socially, and I allowed myself to indulge in eating out every night, and glasses of wine with every meal.
  • I got lazy, and forgot that maintaining my weight was a priority.

Now, I need to remind myself of a little perspective: I had lost over 100 pounds with my gastric band. I may have gained 45 back, but I’m still down over 50 pounds from my starting weight. I lose sight of this very quickly. And I DO believe I can lose the 45 pounds I have gained, if I just figure out the right magic to make it happen. I am not doomed. (Repeat to self, many times.)

At the moment, I’m kind of at a place in life where I feel depressed and frantic about my weight, but I am working on putting together a gameplan to get back on track. This week I am starting to track my food intake, and wow, it’s a real eye-openers! Identifying where I am going off track is going to be helpful in putting together a plan for getting back on target.

I also plan on reviewing some old posts on this blog. I tried to be faithful about talking about what I was eating and how much/how often I was eating. I hope to use this blog to put together a gameplan again.

Expect more posts from me in the weeks to come!

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