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by Christine on March 16th, 2015

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WOW, everyone! I have to say, I’m a little overwhelmed by the responses I’ve received the last few days from my blog post last week. THANK YOU everyone that sent me such wonderful messages of love and support. I read a few of them to my husband last night and they made me a little teary. Really, I’m grateful for your love. Thank you.

I’m surprised that so many people are evening (still) reading my blog! I checked out my Google Analytics, and wow! So many visitors every month! I’m amazed! I noticed that two of my 10 most popular pages are the “Q&As” that I posted here and here.  I conclude that most visitors are looking for real information about the gastric band. Therefore, I think you all would be interested in reading some of the comments I’ve received in the last few days. Most people have shared their own personal struggles with the band, with side effects (slippage, leaks, etc). I thought it could be beneficial if I shared this information.

Thank you all again so much for writing and sharing such lovely messages with me. I really appreciate it.

From Millie:

My condolences on the loss of your dad. In life friends will come and go. Real friends stick around thru the harshness and stupid things we all do to each other. 
Did anyone give you an answer as to why and how your band did that? And where you in any sort of pain or discomfort? Noticed any changes other tag. Just having no restriction?
I truly think you need to drop that therapist and find someone who wants to listen to what you wanna talk about and issues that are concerning you and getting to the root of things Not someone who dismisses you. Ever.
Thank you for sharing your story. I hope that things turn around for you, that you remember that you are a strong woman and get yourself into a group and surround yourself with people who will encourage and help you and uplift you and tell you when you are being an asshole and then you can take that and change what you need to change and do what you need to do for Yourself and your happiness. Hugs.


From Amanda:

Oh, Christine! How awful. I am so sorry for all you’ve gone through – the loss of your band, your dad, your best friend. Thank you for sharing your experience. You’re so brave to put it all out there.

I was banded in 2010 and had a slip that I just had corrected surgically. Fortunately there wasn’t erosion to the degree that you experienced and no infection. Still, it has been a rough recovery because my stomach wasn’t in great shape so I can relate a bit.

As I prepared for my surgery, I thought a lot about losing my band, because that was a real option. I would have liked to think that I could have continued doing what I was doing with eating and exercise and not re-gain, but especially after reading your experience, I’m not sure that is how it would have worked out.

I don’t have any advice for you, except I think you should lose the therapist. I don’t know what the rest of your relationship is like, but he seems really dismissive about your eating issues. Stress-eating is a real thing and no “low-carb” diet is going to eliminate that problem. You may experience fewer cravings if you eat less sugar, but deprivatio n can also lead to binging behavior so you have to be careful there too.

I have attended OA before and have found it to be an excellent program in many ways. My biggest issue is that one of the 12 steps is to admit that you’re powerless over food. I made the mental exception that I wasn’t powerless over food, but I was powerless over the compulsion to overeat.

I also want to remind you that your value is not based on your size. You are a wonderful, intelligent, beautiful human being at any size. Please stop beating yourself up. It does no good and probably m akes things worse. Remind yourself that you’ve been through an awful ordeal and you’ve coped. At times you may have used food to help you cope, but there’s no shame in that. You are getting through. You are surviving.


From Krystal:

My band is also failing me. Placed on 2009 and I lost 100 lbs, Always battled acid reflux with my band the entire time but thought it must be normal side effect. Numerous Fills and Unfills for over six years trying to control my symptoms, After it slipped off last winter and it had to be repositioned, I gained 40 lbs in four months (with the band on and two fills) I told the doctor, you did not place my band in the correct place. He promised he did. I got another fill which then caused me a lot of acid reflux and aspiration issues in the night. So I got a unfilled by 1 cc. Still acid reflux. Another release, Still Acid Reflux, and less restriction. My surgeon starting talking about removing my band! I cannot live without my band, I will gain the rest of my weight ba ck and six months. I know me. I have to have some restriction. I still have high blood pressure and I am still in the obese weight BMI chart. So the doctor started talking other options to me. I am now approved for a conversion to the sleeve at the end of March! Thank God. I think if I had not been approved and I would have kept my band and just lived with the acid reflux for the rest of my life in exchange for the little bit of control it gives me.


From Amy:

Hi Christine. I don’t normally follow your blog, but I was directed here from another blogger and friend. Holy crap man. You have been through a lot. I was banded in 2009 as well, and so far…smooth sailing with my band (knock on wood) but it has been several years since I saw my doctor so thanks to you, I called and made an appt and am requesting a barium swallow (which I have never had). As for words of encouragement, this is what I can tell you. I think you are more prepared for weight loss and fitness NOW then you were before the band. You know how amazing it feels to be lighter and healthier. I started at 330 and lost about 170 pounds…and I wonder how and if I would make it without the band when that day comes. I think I can do it. I think you can do it. But I have not been in your shoes….so don’t let me optimism make you want to punch me in the face. I’m really sorry about the loss of your father as well. I think you have made it past the hardest part and are coming out on the other side.


From Kris:

Hi! My name is Kris and I work for [deleted]. I know your husband [deleted] and have followed your weight loss story for years now. After your initial success, my husband [deleted] said that I should consider the lap band and because of your blog, I finally felt comfortable enough to go through with it. Recently, [deleted] had heard that you were having some complications and I was very concerned. This caused me to check in with your blog and see how things were going. My heart goes out to you. I have lost about 86 lbs over five years and because of the lap band, I am able to keep it off and be in control.
I wish that I had great words of advice for you. I can first only say to stay strong! You have been through a lot and you can survive this too! You should look for a new counselor as the one you have now does not sound like a good fit. I would love to finally meet you some time if you ever want to grab a coffee or something. In the meantime, you will be in my thoughts and I know that you will figure out how best
to deal with this newest challenge.
Take care,
From Erin:

I somehow by a stroke of luck found your blog and I too share similar issues and am at a crossroad. I had my lapband done in april 2009 and was at a high of 270lbs. Within the first year I lost almost all of my weight down to 180. The second year I lost another 10 and was loving life and my body, even my small apron of skin less happy with my inner thighs of elephant folds, but loving life all the same. I maintained at 170-180 for 4-5 years with no adjustments and no exercise!

Last year it seemed my band was tight and had pretty bad reflux issues so it was loosened and was better. Way better! I started gaining some weight toward the middle of last year so I went for a fill. Good deal, well for a few weeks and then seemed I was increasing portion size and was hungry again. I just chalked it up to hormones or stress.

I went for a fill in January 2015. I told him my concern and he kind of shrugged it off. I should have had about 6cc but had 4cc. He said some is going to be absorbed and may not have had really accurate starting point from the downward adjustments last year from reflux. I had restriction for about 4 days then noticed I could eat about anything I wanted. NOT GOOD!!!

February went in and he withdrew all the fluid and only had 4cc again! He is now realizing I’m right and something is NOT RIGHT. He filled me to 7.5cc which was the tightest I ever was over 5 years. I had begun keeping a log of food intake, the feeling of being full, and when I felt no restriction. In 6 days there was again no restriction and could eat the broad side of a barn although I TRIED REALLY HARD NOT TO.

Yesterday went in and had a band check and only had 3.5cc. Surgeon agrees I have a leak somewhere. I am now terrified! I have gained to 212 and hate my body and what I look like again. I do not want to be that “fat girl” again. I have 42 lbs to get back to my lowest which at 5’11” is good for me and I feel good there. He recommended that we petition insurance to remove band and do bypass or sleeve but at 39 BMI thinks insurance will not approve.

Today I have done some research and am learning that most leaks come from port issue. I just called my surgeon to see if he would do fluro to see where leak is, if that is needed and do local anesthesia to change out port.
I don’t think by band is eroded because I get good restriction when first filled.

I’m with you about feeling helpless and frustrated and alone. I love the feeling of my band when it was working and in that “sweet spot”. I focused on life rather than what where when I was going to eat next. I lived and eating was a second thought and in such ate better things for me. I don’t think our success with band is common with the amount and time frame we lost it.
Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

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