Starting out 2012

by Christine on January 3rd, 2012

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Well, New Years was more of the same. It was hubby’s birthday, and I got him (er, got us!) a ski weekend away in New Hampshire at the end of the month. Then we went over to a friends’ house for drinking & merriment. I was playing DD, so I sipped some Red Bull and diet coke and ate entirely too much finger food. I eventually tore myself away from the food table and laid down on the couch. We got home around 3 a.m. I spent the next two days sleeping a LOT. I think my new anti-depressants make me sleepy, so for now on I’m only going to take the medicine at night, before bed.

I’m starting 2012 off at 127.0 pounds, which is right in my maintenance zone.

So far I’ve done fantastically eating healthy foods. I’ve opted for salads three times instead of soup or appetizers or whatnot. This won’t always be so easy; salads can be tough for me when my band is extra restrictive. But…so far so good.

I have been busy today planning out my schedule. I am trying to fit in more exercise time into 2012. I signed up for a yoga class today (Tuesdays) and plan to do volleyball on Thursdays.

I haven’t really set any 2012 goals for myself, but if I did they would probably involve eating healthier, exercising more, and continue breaking the nail biting habit (which I think I’m in the process of beating, FINALLY!).

I hope you all have a great 2012!

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  • MizFit

    I feel as though Im just starting 2012 today as the child gets back to school :)
    Im ready though.
    I think :)

  • Lapbandgal

    How ya doing? where’d you go? :)

  • Krisztina Foster

    Hi Christine
    Hope you ok – haven’t heard/read from you for a while.
    Hugs, K.