Thank you for your comments and feedback!

by Christine on December 9th, 2011

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I’ve gotten a couple of interesting comments on my blog lately.  Most of them have been very constructive and sweet! Curiously, a lot of the comments are from my older posts, such as Compassion and Understanding in an Overweight World and Climbing Mt. Fuji.

I love all my comments, even when they aren’t always full of praise and glowy words. Sometimes the hard words make you stop to think and re-evaluate. There’s good in them, too.

So really, from the bottom of my heart…thank you for stopping by, reading this little blog, and for giving me feedback. I really do appreciate it. Very much so!

(And remember to link me up to your own blogs so I can visit you, too!)

As for me, there’s nothing much going on with me that’s really worthy of writing. It’s more of the same…same food, same problems, same weight, same daily grind, blahblahblah. Sometimes I feel like a broken record on here.

This weekend I’m going on a little wine tour! I’m looking forward to the outing. I’ll be sure to post pictures on Monday.

The holidays are starting to kick up here at work, which means taking clients out to dinner to say “thank you” for the work over the course of the year. I have three work outings scheduled so far, and probably more to come. These are tricky, not only to eat within your calorie budget (especially when you’re dining on work money) but will also prove to be interesting with the gastric band. I’m quite used to excusing myself from the table to go remove “blockage,” but it still feels…rude.

How do you guys deal with “blockage” problems when you’re in a formal restaurant setting? Have any tricks or suggestions you can share?

I hope you all have a good weekend

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