I’m MIA!

by Christine on November 17th, 2011

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Oh, the punnery. You XN-ers will get it.

Sorry I have been missing in the last week.  My absence is partly due to just being absent-minded and forgetting about this wee little blog, and partly because my head has been all over the place this last week. I’m still battling the depression-monster (I’m seriously considering a visit to my doctor soon, since my medicine doesn’t seem to be helping this time around) and I’ve been a headcase in just about every other matter in life as well. For no good reason, of course. Just being kind of over-dramatic and crazy in general.

In better news, I think I’m finally going to have my credit card paid off soon…as in the next week or two… so that’s good!

See? I really am still alive!

I’m quickly approaching my one-year anniversary of reaching my goal weight, and my 3-year bandiversary.  I was banded in February of 2009, and I reached my goal weight in December of 2010. So how have I done in Maintenance Mode for the last year?

Overall, not too bad. I’m still within about 2 pounds of my goal weight, which is great, and I’m thrilled for the consistency.  Goal weight is 125….the highest I’ve been in maintenance was about 133, and my usual weight is about 127.  Not bad, right?  I’ll be happy if I can keep that kind of consistency for the rest of my life! I got my port replaced this year, too, and I’m very happy with it now that it’s laying FLAT on my abs, instead of sticking out like a doornob.

On the other hand, I have a LOT I need to improve upon. I really should cook more instead of eating out so much, which will help me choose healthier food options. Although my calorie counts remain on target, often the food I’m choosing is pretty devoid of nutrition or is higher in fats than is really necessary. I also need to improve on my exercise. I’ll never be the kind of person that will consistently hit the gym for an hour every day, but I don’t think it’s outrageous to expect myself some kind of exercise 3 times a week.  Oh, I still exercise! Rollerblading, skiing, hiking, etc., but again it’s more of an issue of consistency with me.

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  • Robyn’s Nest

    Fighting depressionis hard; keep doing whatever you need to to help yourself out.
    You sound like you are doing great.  Maybe stop nit-picking yourself!!!!!

  • http://onmyweightohappiness.blogspot.com/ Sarah

    Glad to see your doing good, great job on maintaining, that is so inspiring and reassuring to hear!