Who is on your cheerleading team?

by Christine on November 1st, 2011

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This morning I came across this fantastic post by Krisz over at Chained to the Band. She was writing that she doesn’t give herself enough credit for her achievements, and that led into a discussion about who would you want on your personal cheering team, rooting you on for all your weight loss and weight goals?

Assuming that we’re following Krisz’s lead and accepting 4 cheerleaders on our own personal squad, here would be my picks:

First would be my husband. I’d choose him because his compliments and cheers are really scarce, but when he gives me a compliment I know that he means it. He’s not just saying it to make me feel better. This weekend he actually told me that I looked sexy, and I was like, “Woah…if he thinks so, then it must be true!” Also, my husband is a great voice of reason. If was trying to give myself kudos when they weren’t warrented, he would let me know, but he would also be the first to tell me if I was selling myself short. Yup, hubby would have to be on the cheerleading squad.

I’d also choose my friend Danielle.  I see her about once a week, since she lives down the street and often stops by the house to take her dog for a walk.  Danielle is fit and beautiful. She claims she struggled with her weight when she was younger, but for as long as I’ve known her it all just comes so easily to her. I admire her for that! Danielle is the type that is always game for trying some new exercise program. She got me to go to bootcamp with her when I was still losing weight. She tried yoga with me. She keeps trying to get me to sign up for spinning with her, and I really should make time to try that. Whenever we have friends over or go to a party, Danielle ALWAYS brings fresh veggies to munch on. She’s never a food pusher. She’s brought over healthy food options just for me, just because she knows that I’m trying to lose weight. Wow, that’s a good friend! Danielle would be on my list because she is always ready to encourage me to try something new and support me when I feel weak or like giving up.

And the last two cheerleaders would have to be my online besties, Sandy and Amanda. They’ve known me for, what, 7 years now? Maybe longer? They’ve seen me struggle with my weight and have been nonstop encouragement when I’ve tried different diets or exercise programs. They’ve kept me on task every single day (“Have you gotten your workout in yet? No? GET ON IT!”) and have given me advice when I’ve asked for it. (“Try cooking your chicken like THIS instead of like THAT to save a few calories!”)  They’ve totally been where I’ve been with the whole weight-loss and self-image issues, so they’ve been able to relate to where I’m at, literally, at every stage of my life. They understand, and they get me. And every single day they are there to encourage me to get up, keep moving, try something new, and to be the very best Christine that I can be. Amanda and Sandy are extraordinary women, and I’m quite sure that I would not have been as successful with my weight loss if it weren’t for their constant support and encouragement. (Thank you ladies, from the bottom of my heart!) 

My personal cheerleading squad:

What a good looking group, huh?

Who would be on your personal cheerleading team?

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  • Ronnie

    What a great team! :)