Cosmic collision. What does it mean??

by Christine on October 11th, 2011

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I’m having one of those moments when the universe seems to align in some kind of weird way. And it’s all centered on Texas. Now, I live in New York, about a bajillion miles from Texas. I rarely, if ever, come across references to Texas. I live far away, in a whole different culture.

But the universe has aligned itself with me somehow. A friend just left to visit Texas for a week. A family member that lives in Texas just contacted me out of the blue. A college friend of mine just moved to Texas this week. I pick up a book and…lo and behold, it’s set in Texas! I turn on the tv, and the show takes place in Texas. I turn on the radio, and they are playing selections from the Austin City Limits music festival (in Texas). I tune into a blogger’s page, and it’s all about Texas today.  I sell some items on Ebay and most of the sales are for places in Texas. I go to the mailbox and get a wedding invite for an event in…you guessed it…Texas!

I’m not even counting all the Texas-sports team references in the last week!

What does this Texas overload mean?? Do you believe in coincidence?

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  • Sarah

    And you get a comment from someone who lives in Texas 😉

  • Andrea Brooks

    Haha…go Texas!  :)