Just another boring weekend

by Christine on October 3rd, 2011

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It was another boring weekend for me. This about three or four boring weekends in a row, and I’m going stir-crazy for a little excitement, let me tell you! I really wanted to go for a drive this weekend to try to find some fall leaf-changing colors, but it was cold and rainy all weekend, so we opted to stay home. Staying home is good for the wallet, but man it gets really boring! I’m not used to it.

We did go out and buy a new dishwasher. It’s nice stainless steel, hidden controls, lots of options. It was a good price, and the reviews ranked the dishwasher pretty highly. It gets delivered on Friday, and I’m pretty excited about getting it! No more hand-washing dishes, woohoo!

So now for a little dieting accountability again. Whereas last time I was under my calories, I suspect that I was over the calories this weekend. I have been counting calories for so many years that I count calories automatically, every time I come face-to-face with any food. However, since entering into “maintenance” mode, I’m trying to cut back on the tyrannical, obsessive calorie-counting, and just do periodic accountability checks. Time to find out how I did! 

8 a.m.: Coffee (120), 1 yogurt (80)
Noon:  Chili from Wendy’s (310) and a diet coke
4 p.m.: 1 beer (150)
6 p.m.:  salmon (200) and some basmati rice (60) and some grilled zucchini (30), 1 beer (150)
8 p.m.: 1 cosmo (150)
Total Calories: 1250 calories

10 a.m.: 1 yogurt (80)
1 pm: tomato soup (150), skim milk (120)
3 p.m.: Coffee (150)
7 p.m.: grilled steak, about 3 oz (140) and 1 texas toast (150) and greens&beans (80), water
10 p.m.: Chocolate (120)
Total Calories: 990

11 a.m.: Grilled cheese sandwich (330), skim milk (150)
1 p.m.: French onion soup w/mozerella cheese (200)
3 p.m.: Oatmeal (120)
7 p.m.: Spaghetti Christine-style (about 1/4 cup sauce with meat, no noodles, some extra veggies thrown in) (120), 1 texas toast (150) water
9 p.m.: Chocolate (120)
Total Calories: 1190

Huh, not as bad as I would have thought, to be honest. Obviously the alcohol calories put me over on Friday which is not ideal. But the rest of the weekend wasn’t as bad as I thought…I was guesstimating about 1500 calories those days.  There’s room for improvement, but not too bad overall. I felt like I was starving all weekend long!

My weight is holding steady at 130.0 pounds–right where it’s been all year.

My goal for this week is to make a conscious push to eat more veggies. We’re going to the grocery store tonight so I can stock up on som healthy stuff.  More yogurt! I’ve been craving yogurt lately.

Have a good Monday, everyone!

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