First book published!

by Christine on September 29th, 2011

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My first book is published! Well, kind of! I have an essay included in the book “This I Believe: Life Lessons.”

Here is a link to the book. (I don’t get any of the proceeds.)

Here is a link to my essay included in the book.

I have to say, it was pretty darn exciting to see my name in print on the book! My heart went pitter-patter when I saw it in type. A real book! One you can find for sale at your local bookstore! How freaking exciting!

Based on the acclaimed public radio series, this collection features 60 essays about important lessons that affected the beliefs of the authors, me being one of them. These essays were drawn from more than 100,000 submissions made to the This I Believe radio show and website ( over the past six years.

Thanks, Grandmas.

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  • Sarah

    How amazing! Great job….I will check out the links later.

  • robynschreffler

    Your Grandma sounds amazing.  And congratulations of being published.  That is an excellent accomplishment.

    • Christine

      Thank you Robyn! My grandmother was definitely amazing and is a constant source of inspiration and strength to me.

  • Sarah G

    That essay is amazing! Congrats on getting published!

    • Christine

      Thanks so much Sarah!!!

  • Krisztina Foster

    That was a lovely piece of writing! It brought tears to my eyes – but good tears!
    My grandma lived through WWII at Hungary – not in the depth than your grandma, but when I pestered her enough she drip-fed me with little titbits from war-life: what they used to eat, where did they hide, how did they communicate with the invading Russian forces – and my personal favourite as child: how did the soldier used the middle of the kitchen to do a no.2… My family lived in the same house for over 90 years, so she could point out the exact location. :) She passed away last December. I miss her a lot.But again: your writing has some real hear to it.Thank you for the lovely moments. 

    • Christine

      Oh, thank you for the kind comments, Kriztina! I appreciate it! You’re so lucky that your grandmother would share some of her early life with you. Unfortunately my grandmother was extremely secretive about her past, to the point where she flat out refused to tell us if she was Jewish or Christian for fear of repercussion. But man, did she love Hitler and Stalin jokes! Comparing their mustaches to poop would get her in laughing hysterics! Ha ha! You should write down some of the stories that she shared with you, so you can pass those memories along to future generations.