What I’m eating (food journal accountability)

by Christine on September 26th, 2011

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Accountability check time.

7 a.m.: Coffee with cream & sugar, half a glass (50 calories)
9 a.m.: 1 glass skim milk on ice (120 calories)
Noon: Leftover lasagna, cut up really small, about 1/4 cup worth (80 calories)
5 p.m.: Egg drop soup (70 calories) and 1 shrimp egg roll (200 calories)
7 p.m.: 1/2 a beer (80 calories)
Total Calories: 600

7 a.m.: Coffee with cream and sugar (120), 1 yogurt (80)
Noon: Light Clam Chowder soup (200)
3 p.m.: 1 Red Bull (160 calories)
7 p.m.: 1 beer (120) and hot roast beef with gravy (120) and mashed potatoes (80)
9 p.m.: 1 beer (120)
Total Calories:  1000

7 a.m.: Coffee (120) and yogurt (80)
Noon: Chicken Noodle Soup (120)
3 p.m.: Peanut butter & crackers (100)
7 p.m.:  leftover Carolina chicken salad (80) and skim milk (120)
Total Calories:  620

7 a.m.: Coffee (120), 1/4 of a muffin (125)
10 a.m.: Fresh veggies (green pepper, cucumber) with ranch dressing (60)
Noon: Carolina Chicken Salad (150) and diet coke
3 p.m.: Handful of M&Ms (70)
5 p.m.: Leftover corn & mushroom mix I made (40)
7 p.m.: Leftover lasagna (80), water with Ocean Spray flavor in there (5)
9 p.m.: 1 small peppermint patty (70)
Total Calories:  720

Wow, much lower overall than I would have guessed. And lacking veggies in a really sorry way. Today I’ll stop by the grocery store to pick up some veggies and some fresh fish for dinner.

Not much going on this weekend. I went to a street concert and saw Company of Thieves, Mutemath, and Sister Sparrow and the Dirty Birds. COT was okay; Mutemath was fantastic; and Sister Sparrow was really disappointing, especially because I love their album so much!

Yesterday I spent 14 hours editing a technical report for some extra $$. I was fried when I was done with it. I wanted to get some yard work done, but I didn’t have time for that.

Today I’m starving and counting down the seconds until lunchtime.  I might eat my arm off. nom nom nom.

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