Revolutionary War Weekend

by Christine on September 19th, 2011

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Yesterday the hubby and I went to the Saratoga National Park, where the Battle of Saratoga was held in 1777.  The Park Service was having a demonstration with a few reenactors blasting off old cannons and whatnot. It was a perfect day, and it felt great to get in about 2 miles of walking. Hubby loved the cannons going off and asked the volunteers a bunch of questions about the metal properties, gunpowder, etc.

This past week was a really difficult one for me. My depression reached a definite low…the lowest I’ve been probably in 4 years or so. The anti-depressants really screwed me up too–made me really nauseous. Plus, I was so swollen I couldn’t get any food down. I hardly ate a thing for 2 weeks.

I lost a few pounds, but nothing really substantial, and I’m sure the weight will come right back on this week.

But on Friday something switched on my body, and “bam” like that I was fine to eat normally again. Go figure! On Saturday we went to the mall and stopped at a restaurant that has one of my favorite salads in the world. Oh, it felt great not just to be able to eat solid foods again, but to eat veggies and healthy food! It was fantastic! That salad tasted even better than normal.

Last night we made a steak for dinner. Nice thing about the band, is I eat so little, we only have to make one steak. I eat about 1/4 of it, and hubby eats the other 3/4 of it. It works out great. OMG the steak was so delicious! I had to cut it up into tiny bite-sized chunks, but it went down with no problems. I made a side dish of sauteed mushrooms & corn. Yummy! Add a glass of skim milk to that too.

Today is a new week, and I am feeling hopeful that it will be better than last week. I have some challenges ahead of me (some of the furniture in my house is getting “repossessed” by my in-laws, who want to take it down to Florida) but I feel good that I can get through the week okay. Last week I wasn’t really sure.

My task for this week is to really try to hammer out a financial plan to get us out of the debt that we can’t seem to dig ourselves out of. It might mean me taking up a part-time job during the holidays. I hope not, but it might be the best thing for me to do.

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  • Karenogle133

    I’m sorry to hear about the depression. I’m struggling myself since fall set in. I’m sure yours is mostly a reaction to your recent surgery and that you will be back on top of things soon. I’m so glad to hear you can eat normally again.