Too much restriction!

by Christine on September 14th, 2011

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I really think this is the first time in 2.5 years that I’ve had TOO much restriction with my gastric band! And I’m not sure why.  What correlation does stress have on the band? Unless it’s getting an injection, the band is a relatively static piece of plastic. So why am I suddenly so tight I can’t keep any food down? Does stress somehow cause irritation of the stomach lining or something? That doesn’t seem like a reasonable physical response to me.

Yesterday I went to Paneras for lunch and ordered the creamy tomato soup (my favorite). And hour later I had only had 5 spoonfuls, and I had to barf the last of that up. NOT NORMAL!

I have an appointment scheduled for next week with my surgeon’s office. I had originally intended on getting a fill because I was feeling like I could eat too much and I was hungry all the time. Now, I’m wondering if I should cancel my appointment or even get a little Un-Fill?  I wonder if this will pass.

In better news…my medicine is finally kicking in, and today I feel more human than I have felt in a week. Much less depressed and much better focused.

Also–my weight is creeping back down. 130.0 today and going down by the day.

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  • Sarah

    Hope you figure out whats going on with your band! Glad your medicine is kicking in and helping you. And YAY for 130!

  • hayneedham

    My band gets supper tight with stress and I know lots of banded people who experience the same.  I also get tight with hormonal fluctuation as well.

  • Sarah G

    Yes stress definitely causes physical/hormonal changes within the body causing sweling and/or water retention thus creating a “tight band”. I would say that yes an un-fill is a wise choice at this point. Sometimes that’s the only way to stop the cycle.

  • Krisztina Foster

    Hi Christine
    I’ve come across this article during my pre-op research:

    It’s not to detailed in the way of explanation but at least it confirms the relation between stress and tightness. The site is fairly difficult to navigate – but there are lost of hidden gems there. Mind you the doc’s who’s promoting himself through this website has a VERY no-nonsense approach to the band and living with it, so it might not be everyone’s cup of tea…

    Have good day,