Adventuresome day driving in flood zones…

by Christine on September 7th, 2011

filed under Christine's Life Updates

Today for work I had to drive to a project meeting in Cooperstown. That meant driving through the affected flooding area in Schoharie County. Well, it was raining like hell all day long. I counted 8 cars that had driven off the highway due to hydroplaning. In fact, I called 911 for two cars that went off the road right in front of me! One was particularly scary…he was doing probably 60-70 mph and zoomed off the road, down a huge ditch and towards a row of trees! Yikes, I sure hope that they were okay!

It turns out the flooding was a big deal. All the areas I drove through had evacuations because of the flooding. These poor people already dealt with flooding on Sunday! They don’t need this! What a shame. I wish there was more I could do to help.  I wouldn’t have been allowed into the towns to help though; they were only allowing traffic to leave the small towns, not go into town.

As for me…it was oatmeal for breakfast, a Subway salad for lunch (tuna fish, no cheese or dressing), and then chicken & a teeny baked potato for dinner. No snacks in between meals, which is a little unusual. I’ve been enjoying cucumbers with low-fat Ranch dressing as my mid-morning snack. That’s not such a good idea to eat in the car though.

Weight is still up. I have my next fill scheduled for 2 weeks.

“Maintenance mode” is such a daily struggle. Turns out it doesn’t get any easier, peeps.

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