OD’ed on Sugar

by Christine on August 20th, 2011

filed under Christine's Life Updates, Diet, Food, Nutrition

I’m sorry to say that I OD’ed a little bit on sugar yesterday at a bachelorette party for a friend that is getting married next week. Two cupcakes and a spoonful of frosting! Good heavens! It was so much sugar I felt sick to my stomach (and barfed a little bit). Ugh, let’s not repeat that episode again, shall we?  I swear that although my brain has learned that sugar is evil, my tongue sure hasn’t learned that lesson.




Billi will be a beautiful bride!

A tongue tattoo gone awry. That’s supposed to be a bat.

The prerequisite penis cake.

Revelry! What was going on here? A casual game of leapfrog? A little “how to” instruction for late night frolicking?

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  • Karenogle133

    Sounds like what happens to me when I get too many carbs or sugar grams. Dumping is a nightmare.