Rollerblading during my lunch break…

by Christine on August 11th, 2011

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I’m doing pretty good with my 2-week XN Exercise Challenge! So far I’ve made it through 7 days of exercise with only 1 day missed. Not too bad. Yesterday I got my exercise in when I went rollerblading at lunchtime. I always keep my blades in the trunk of my car so I can go out.  The Mohawk-Hudson Bike Trail is close to my workplace and is a wonderful, paved recreational trail following the Mohawk River.

Yesterday was a lot of fun because a storm was rolling in. I thought I would get rained on at any moment! When I was on my return route, I kept feeling sprinkles fall on me; I kept pushing forwards faster and faster, trying to beat the storm. What a great workout, trying to keep ahead of the storm!

Calories Burned Rollerblading: 189 calories (30 minutes)

Food yesterday:

8 a.m.: Coffee (163 calories)
10 a.m.: Trail mix (150 calories)
1 pm: Salad from Subway with ham (110) plus salad dressing (60), diet coke
3 pm: Dried peach thing, fruit-roll-up-ishy (50)
7 pm: Tuna steak with peppercorn, maybe 3 oz (90) and about 1/2 cup rice (100) and a side salad with balsamic dressing (40), water
9 p.m.: Chocolate skim milk (200)
Total Calories: 963; Right on target!

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