XN CHALLENGE: 2-Week Exercise Plan

by Christine on August 4th, 2011

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I have been sitting here feeling somewhat sorry for myself. Do you ever read through some of your fellow bloggers’ posts, see how amazing they are doing going to the gym, all the calories they are burning and the weight they are losing?

And you look at yourself and you notice that you don’t go to the gym. And aren’t losing the weight. But you really really want to.

Well, yeah, that’s kind of been me for the last week or two.  I’m being fucking lazy, you guys. So it’s time to cement some workout time. That means PUTTING IT ON THE OFFICIAL SCHEDULE.  Cuz that’s the way I rumble. If it’s on the schedule, I do it. If it’s not on the schedule, I won’t remember or will give 10001 excuses why I won’t work out. Bullhonkey!

So I’m setting out a 2-week exercise plan for me. The goal is not to lose weight really; my goal right now is to get into the beginning of a routine.  So don’t mock the lack of actual cardio. it’s not my goal. Movement is the goal. Every day. Period.

Thursday the 4th
Going to SPAC to the orchestra. Plan to get there early and get a few miles in around the golf course before going into the concert venue.

Friday the 5th
Golfing for work. Easy to plan this one!

Saturday the 6th
Gym in the morning, while hubby is off playing cards.

Sunday the 7th
Gym in the morning.
Hopefully something more active and fun in the afternoon, like canoeing or roller blading.

Monday the 8th
Rollerblading or walking at lunchtime. On the schedule.

Tuesday the 9th
I wan to try a walk-in yoga class after work this day. Hopefully I like the teacher. I’ve been missing yoga for a while now.  I’m soooo sad my old center went out of business.

Wednesday the 10th
Out with a friend after work.  Bicycle or go to the gym together. I’m lucky that a lot of my friends are agreeable to doing fun physical activities, not just eating or drinking!

Thursday the 11th (ONE WEEK DOWN)
Tricky day. Another orchestra event. Or pub trivia. This might actually require waking up early to go to the gym. I’m also putting rollerblading down at lunchtime on the official schedule.

Friday the 12th
Oh no. Another day up in the air. I don’t know what’s on tap after work, so I better schedule gym time in the morning.

Saturday the 13th
Either gym in the morning, or a fun activity during the day, such as golfing or hiking. Hopefully hiking!

Sunday the 14th
Same thing as Saturday. I’ll do the gym in the morning if I have to, but hopefully we can go hiking or biking or something.

Monday the 15th
Gym after work. Scheduled. On the calendar.

Tuesday the 16th
Gym after work. Scheduled. On calendar.

Wednesday the 17th (LAST DAY OF 2-WEEK CHALLENGE)
Out with a friend again. Hopefully go biking or golfing!

So there you have it! Two full weeks, actually planned out ahead of time, scheduled on the calendar, and made a priority in my life. The goal is to move and to create a better habit of exercising regularly. I’ll check in to verify that I’m adhering to the goal!

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