by Christine on July 21st, 2011

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Everyone is talking about the heat wave on their blogs. It’s the middle of July, and that’s what happens in July–it gets hot.  My relationship with heat has changed a lot since I’ve lost 100 pounds. Heat feels a lot more comfortable these days than it did when I was heavier. Today is supposed to be the hottest day of the year by us (104 degrees with the heat index) and there’s going to be nothing comfortable about it.

I get to hit the road today and visit a client and help him out with a presentation.  I look forward to being out and about (especially since I have my in-law’s truck–with air conditioning–to drive). Unfortunately I have a lot of office paperwork to get through, and being on the road isn’t conducive to getting that finished!

I’m back to solid foods after my fill. I had soup the last two days following my fill. My favorite is always Panera’s Tomato Soup. Last night I had a little leftover pork chop in my homemade Tuscan bean soup and the meat went down, albeit slowly. Tonight I’m hoping to get some fish for dinner. Sounds delicious on a day like today.

What are your favorite foods to eat on the days following a fill?

Have a great day today everyone, and stay cool!

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  • Karenogle133

    I had RNY instead of the band but there are days that I call small pouch days where I can’t eat a lot of dense foods. My favorite food on these days is soft scrambled eggs. I like them with cheese and ham and very soft.They go down so easily. I also like baked tilapia. It is a non-contentious sort of meal.