Done with surgery! All is well.

by Christine on July 6th, 2011

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I’m home and back from my surgery! Thank you everyone that posted well-wishes this morning!

I will post more information tomorrow (including some before/after pictures, perhaps).  However, the surgery was longer than I anticipated (an hour an a half in the operating room! just for the port replacement) but the pain is MUCH less than the original gastric banding surgery. I have soreness on my abs where he re-attached the port, but it’s tolerable pain (and they gave me oxycodone for it anyway).  They did not use the CO2 gas, so I won’t have any of that pain, thank god! Everything went really  smoothly though.

I’ll post most details (I’ll give excruciating details, actually, in case anyone else is going to go through this and wants to know what the process is) tomorrow. I’m going to stay home from work to heal up, so I’ll have time to write.

All is well though! It’s soup & movies for me tonight.

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  • Drfattofit

    Glad it went well! Feel better!

  • Sarah g

    Glad to hear it went well! Rest up & heal quickly!!

  • Sarah

    I am glad your home and all went well! Now hopefully you have no more problems and the port stays put! Rest up and relax.