Port Replacement Surgery Scheduled!

by Christine on June 22nd, 2011

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Take 2!! My new surgery date is July 6th. This will replace my obviously dislocated port. Woohoo! I’m so glad they could squeeze me in SOON!  The doctor said the port replacement surgery will not involve any Pre-Admission Testing (aka: that super-disgusting barium drink. UGH!) and will be a 30 minute procedure using a local anesthetic.  Obviously I’ll have to take that day off from work, and I think I’ll take the next day of work too (although that would probably be unnecessary???).  Doc says no heavy lifting or anything for about a month after surgery.

I am relieved that the surgery date is on the books! They are still checking to ensure that my insurance will pay for the procedure.

In other news, I was doing a lot of running around for work these past few days.  I work for an engineering company, and we’re demonstrating a new remediation technology to a bunch of important clients. Today I was running around a sand quarry in a torrential downpour, overseeing the putting-up of a tent, the catering delivery, schmoozing with the important people, etc. I love being out on site, whether that’s at a construction site, checking out a completed project, etc. It really gives me a great sense of appreciation for what we do, the clients we serve, and the kinds of projects we do.  However, running around and schmoozing leaves me dead tired, not to mention always a little frazzled. “Did I do enough? Did they like me?” Ugh, I hate the second-guessing game.  I stopped at home for lunch and made a pot of tomato soup (with skim milk).

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  • Lapbandgal

    Yay! That is soon! Can’t wait to hear how it goes.

  • Karenogle133

    Good luck with your port replacement, Christine. I hope it goes well and I’m glad they are able to get you in soon.

  • Kate

    ummm… ok… I can’t seem to post here as Fab Kate, just as just plain Kate.  That’s ok.  It’s me ((waves))

    I’m glad to see you’re getting this done so quickly.  THat looked so darned uncomfortable!