Today feels crappy.

by Christine on June 13th, 2011

filed under Christine's Life Updates

Today feels crappy. My port site hurts like a mofo (Yes, I called to start the surgery re-scheduling process). I’m contemplating running to the pharmacy to buy an ace bandage to wrap around my stomach to keep the port from turning out, but I’m unsure if it will really work. My tummy feels yucky from eating chocolate cake yesterday. My head hurts because I don’t know whether it’s better to eat a small and reasonable meal to balance that chocolate cake or just to skip eating entirely. Work feels blah today. It’s raining and gloomy outside. I had nightmares last night and didn’t sleep well. Consequently, I’m sleepy at work.  I feel fat and bloated. I feel bad that, for the 10th year in a row, I won’t be with my father on Father’s Day.

Nothing earth-shattering. Just a “Blah” day. Tomorrow will be better, for sure.

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  • Karenogle133

    Hugs. :)

  • Sarah

    I hope they can fit you in soon because it seems awfully painful!

  • Debbie Lowe

    I am sorry that you are having such a bad day.  I hope it gets better.. Hugs to you.

  • Sarah G

    Hang in there!