Busted my port (even more)!!

by Christine on June 11th, 2011

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Dang it! Yesterday I busted my port even more than it already was.

For those that are joining me recently, I have a dislocated port from my gastric banding surgery. You can read more about it by clicking here and scrolling down to “port problems.”  So the port is supposed to be attached to your abdomen by four little hooks on each corner of the plastic thingie. Previously, my port was attached by only two hooks; two hooks came undone, so the port stuck out periodically. It was very noticeable.

Yesterday I was out golfing after work, and man, my back really hurt! So I asked my friend if he would please wrap his arms around me, with the fists of his hand in my back, then squeeze and wiggle me around until my back cracked. He did it, but instead of my back cracking I felt this weird “POP” feeling in my abdomen. It didn’t hurt at all; in fact, it rather felt like cracking your knuckles.  Noticeable, but not painful. Perhaps a little “oogie” weird feeling.

Sure enough, I felt around and I lost yet another attachment, so my port is only being held on with one hook! Darn it!  It sticks out ALL the time now,  and is quite uncomfortable.  My clothes rub against it. When I lean over or lay on my stomach it hurts. When I carry my laundry basket or boxes or anything remotely heavy, it brushes against it and hurts.  It hurts more NOW than it did when it POPPED out of place!

The Bulge again. I'm not making this up.

(above, PREVIOUS port stick-outtage, from May of last year, 2010)

(Above, CURRENT stick-outageness, June 2011)

I need to get that fixed, and ASAP!

“But Christine! Didn’t  you schedule a time to get that fixed?’

Why yes I did, and ironically this weekend I was supposed to have surgery to get the port re-attached. However, the woman that works for my surgeon that was supposed to do the scheduling ended up quitting before she made the arrangements. And I didn’t know she quit until about two weeks ago when I called the doctor to say “Hey, I’m supposed to be having surgery in 2 weeks and I haven’t heard about the pre-admission testing, gotten confirmation that my insurance will pay for this, haven’t heard a PEEP from you guys. What’s up?”

(To which they told me that they didn’t have any record of this, so I’ll have to start from scratch in rescheduling.)

I hope my doctor can get me in soon. I need to get this baby fixed!

In other news, I golfed really well yesterday. Well, I suppose I golfed average overall, but I had a LOT of really stellar shots. Today we went bowling and I got two Personal Best records! I did awesomely!

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  • Karenogle133

    I wish you luck on getting the port repaired soon, Christine. It looks so uncomfortable. I hope they get you an early date so you don’t have to wait much longer.

  • islandbandit

    ouch! that doesn’t look comfortable at all. and what a Pain in the A$$ that your surgery didn’t get scheduled as you’d expected. Argh!!!!! Fingers crossed that given it’s THEIR office’s screw up that they’ll work hard to get you in fast. 

    Great golfing though – not sure I have the patience for that sport…..

  • http://onmyweightohappiness.blogspot.com/ Sarahkay1

    Ouch doesn’t that hurt? It looks so uncomfortable! I hope you can get it fixed soon!