Crazy tired today

by Christine on March 23rd, 2011

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Do you ever have one of those days when you realize that you are exhausted physically, tapped out mentally, and just freaking overwhelmed by your life?

I almost kind of think that my priorities are out of wack. Going out and having fun all the time is grand, but I’m neglecting the time I need to take to make sure that I’m healthy (sleeping well, eating well, taking time for self-reflection, and so on).¬† While I love the beer tours and music concerts and trivia night with friends and whatnot, I think I need to cut down on some of those extras and take time to smell the roses at home.

Maybe my tiredness and gloomy outlook today has something to do with the weather. We have yet another snow storm heading our way, with another six inches of snow predicted. I’m quite through with winter, and every time I look forward to the vacation I have planned in April (just a few weeks away!) I get overwhelmed thinking of all the preparation that needs to be done for it–the packing, the cleaning, getting a sitter for my cat, etc. And I get anxious just thinking about it…

It’s a vicious¬† cycle, I tell you.

The problem is that there is a never-ending list of fun things in the world that I want to do! I want to re-sign up for yoga class. I want to take spinning classes with my friend Danielle. I want to go dancing with my girlfriends, take fencing classes with my husband. I want to take long weekend trips and travel to warm destinations for longer periods of time. I want to visit family I haven’t seen in a long time. I want to sign up for a 5K. I want to run the Warrior Dash.¬† I want to go skiing, and I want to go hiking. I want to plan camping trips and go canoeing. I want to keep writing my book. I want to go to concerts and lectures and poetry readings. I want to do wine and beer and distillery tours.

I want all that, and more!

Half the things on the list I was prevented from doing before, because of my size or my low self esteem. Now that I have no excuses, I want to do it all! But doing it all just wears me down and exhausts me.

There needs to be balance.

I need to find my balance.

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