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by Christine on February 11th, 2011

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Good morning Revolutionists!

First, I want to shout out to some bloggers that are new to me! Do you already know these wonderful people?

Chubby McGhee
She weighs where I started off on my weight loss journey…let’s see how far she can go! I know she’s got the determination and motivation to achieve her goals!

Leah’s New Ending
A wife and mother of three kids…she understands the ups and downs of weight loss, but she has her eyes on the long-term prize!

The Heavy Man’s Diary
I love that he still posts his food intake every day. How many of us are too cowardly to live up to the public posting of food every day?

Chin-ups: Can you do one?

Hubby started his P90X training yesterday. I hope he can stick with it, but I know that it will be a real challenge just because we are so busy socially. I did not participate in the at-home workout and instead went to bed. When I woke up, there was a new chinup device attached to the doorway of our spare bedroom. Hmm! I grabbed a chair and using a little one-footed help, did 10 assisted chinups.

I’ve always, always wanted to be able to do chinups. To me, it seems like such a perfect expression of upper-arm strength! And I’ve decided I’m going to embark on a little self-challenge myself: I’m going to be able to do at least five chinups. We’ll leave that chinup bar in the doorway, and I’ll just jump up and do a few chinups in the morning and evening. I can even do it wearing my work-clothes—skirt and heels and everything!  That would be really neat to be able to do a few unassisted chinups someday.

Foodwise, things have been okay. I’ve managed to get through my week of work-lunches without too much trouble. I have yet another work luncheon today, and I think we’re going to an Italian restaurant. I’ll look for soup, salad, or some kind of fish dish. No pasta for me!

Food Journaling

Can I stress once again the importance of food journaling?  I know most of you that start off weight-loss blogging post your food intake, but within a few weeks almost everyone stops doing this. Maybe you stop because you feel it’s boring on the blog. Maybe you stop because you have one day when you slip up and are ashamed of your intake. Maybe you just forget.  But can I stress once again how important it is to track every morsel of food you consume, each and every day? Food journaling helps keep you on track, makes you acutely aware of how many calories are in what you eat, holds you accountable for your food, and also helps draw you a big picture of how your daily actions affect your long-term goals.  If you are trying to lose weight and have stopped journaling your food every day, I beg you to re-consider.

As for me, I have been lax in journaling my food since I reached my goal weight. So far this has been okay for me—I haven’t really gained any weight, so that’s good—but I want to “spot-check” my intake every now and then. I’m hardly the poster child for healthy eating, especially with my lack of vegetables, but it’s an honest portrayal. Here we go:

Intake February 10, 2011

8 a.m.: 1 medium Dunkin Donuts coffee with cream and sugar (168)
(no mid-morning snack or breakfast! That’s very bad of me!)
1 p.m.: Work luncheon at restaurant. French onion soup (broth & cheese; no bread) (150ish) and a side salad with a little cucumber wasabi dressing (70), 1 beer (140)
5 p.m. A little leftover salmon (40) and cheese tortellini (40)
7 p.m. French onion soup (broth & cheese, no bread) (150ish) and 1 beer (140)
10 p.m. I small sugar-free chocolate (40)

Total calories: 938

That’s pretty much right where I want to be in “weight maintenance” mode.

Intake February 9, 2011

8 a.m.: 1 medium Dunkin Donuts coffee with cream and sugar (168)
10 a.m.: Cheerios (55) and skim milk (90)
Noon: Work luncheon at restaurant. Diet coke. Clam chowders soup (no potatoes) (280)
3 p.m.: Some M&Ms, about 1 handful worth (120)
5 p.m.: Cheese & Crackers (150) and 1 beer (140)
7 p.m.: Dinner at restaurant. Grilled salmon, about 3 oz  (130) and tortellini (60) and 1 glass red wine (127)
9 p.m.: 1 beer (140)

Total Calories: 1310

A little higher than I would like. The alcohol adds up. I didn’t even know that I was high on this day until I just journaled this!!

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  • Lapbandgal

    I like the food tracking posts…I just did a post on this too. It’s the only way to hold ourselves accountable. Keep sharing your weight maintenace secrets! :)

  • anne h

    A chin up. Nope. Not even one.
    Great goal!
    Love your blog!