I’m SO ready for spring!

by Christine on February 8th, 2011

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It’s snowing again, big wet heavy snowflakes.  I’ve always loved winter, but with a new body, I have a whole new relationship with the cold. I remember that for years I didn’t even own a winter coat, and I certainly didn’t understand why people complained about the cold. Now, I get it! It’s not that the cold is so horrible, it’s the fact that the chill takes forever to get out of your bones.  If you get cold and then warm up, you might still be chilled for hours. Annoying.

That being said, I’m looking forward to amping up my winter activities in the next few weeks! Wednesday I am going to snow shoeing with a friend. Saturday I am going downhill skiing. Next weekend I am going to Lake Placid with girlfriends to go snowshoeing/X-country skiing around Mirror Lake. I can’t wait! I suppose I should make a new snowman in the front yard, too — heavens knows we have enough snow on the ground!

Tonight we are having Movie Night at our house again. Tonight it’s “Kid’s Night” and we are showing “How to Train Your Dragon.”  I’m not sure what I should pick up to eat. I’m having a conundrum! I’m sick to death of ordering pizza because I don’t eat pizza, and none of the places around here will sell salads.  I could order wings, but I don’t eat those either.  Part of the problem is that I don’t know for sure how many people are coming over (at least 6 and maybe 12?), AND my husband is the pickiest eater on the planet. It’s very frustrating! I could order a sub platter from Subway, but hubby doesn’t eat that.  I could order a salad from Paneras or Chilis but that might night feed everyone coming over. In a lot of ways Pizzas are a lot more practical, but I’m sick of ordering pizza because I don’t eat it, so I consequently end up eating junk for dinner. Oh, what to do what to do….

Weight is still up a pound.  I notice I can eat a little more than I should be able to, and I’m wondering if it might be time to think about a teeny tiny little fill in my band…

Before and after pictures!

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  • Jack Sh*t

    I hear ya. Like you, I’m having to manage without my old “winter coat”…

  • Libby

    Oh, I love “How to Train Your Dragon”. Great movie. I say let your husband take one for the team this time and go with Subway. Or, if you have a local Chilis or Applebees, you could get some take out platters and salads.

  • Sarah G

    I hear ya on the cold! It’s not even “cold” here and lately I’ve been sleeping in yoga pants, socks, and a sweater over a t-shirt!! A sweater!? Unheard of even when I lived in Alaska!!!

    I’d order pizza for everyone else & get myself something seperate. I’m partial to the Asian Chicken salad from Applebee’s but live 30+ mins from the closest one. I just ask them to put everything on the side so it stays fresh until I can get home.

  • Patrick

    Ditto on Feeling the chill of winter soak down to the bone easier with less blubber to soak through. I’ll deal with it.

    Is the solution to your food issue there ordering more than 1 thing, get something you like & a different something you like?

  • Bonnie

    I say make turkey chili, but probably too late for that.