The importance of making yourself at home

by Christine on January 27th, 2011

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I started a new job after new years in January, so I’ve been working here for almost a month.  This week I brought in some photos to hang on my office walls. I hung six pictures up, and my office is starting to look a little more like home. I still need a little greenery and maybe a coat rack, but it’s a little more cozy than before.

Hanging up photos in my office makes me smile, because it’s an indication that I like my job, and I plan on being here for a long haul. I hated my last job, and it’s really no wonder that it took me about 7 months to hang a picture on the wall. I think I knew, subconsciously, that the last job wasn’t for me, and similarly I think I know now that this job is a really good fit for me.

In the same vein, I think that for the weight-loss game, it’s important to “make yourself at home,” too.  Remember that this is a long journey, and a long haul. Just like work, you’re going to have good days and bad days. If you make yourself at home in your weight-loss journey, it’s going to be a more comfortable experience and help you remember that this is a long-distance journey, not a metaphorically short sprint to the finish line.

So how can you make yourself at home in your weight loss journey?  Here are a few ideas:

  • Post pictures of you at your thinnest on the refrigerator for constant reminder.
  • Hang up a “goal weight dress” (or suit, for you men) on the back of your bathroom door
  • Post inspirational quotes on your bathroom mirror once a week. (You can write on your mirror with a dry/erase marker easily)
  • Ask your friends to help encourage you and keep you on track.
  • Bring a lock to the gym and leave some items in a locker there. That’s your home-away-from-home now.
  • Get to know a grocery store cash register check-out person on a first-name basis. Tell him/her about your weight-loss journey. Then, when you go to the grocery store and check out with your new friend, it’ll be a little more cozy, and your new friend will be checking out your food purchases to make sure you’re staying on the diet.


Do something a little silly, a little fun to keep your weight loss journey fresh and new. And remember…if you slip backwards, it’s not the end of the world! Remember, you’re at home with your new badassed self now, so give yourself a hug, then get up and get back on track.

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    Good thoughts! And best of luck in your new job! :)