I really need to do better.

by Christine on January 13th, 2011

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What a fucking day! Today I went out to our Syracuse office to meet my engineering co-workers out there. During the ride out and back, my lovely co-worker talked my ear off. He’s really the nicest guy on the planet, and super interesting too (military background, married his wife while he was stationed in Germany, two kids and a bucketload of grandkids, blahblahblah), so it wasn’t too bad, but it’s just being “on” and social all day that is so damn draining. Being extroverted really doesn’t come natural to me, even though I’ve learned to fake it extraordinarily well. In Syracuse I met the staff out there, chatted with them, then met with the young engineer Nicole and schooled her in the art of marketing and promised that I’d mentor her over the next year or so. I really look forward to taking on a mentoring role. Nicole and I had a brief lunch together. More socializing and being “on.”

I got home at 5:30 and we left at 6 pm to go to the bar for pub trivia. We had EIGHT friends join us tonight (we had to break into two teams) and our team won for the second week in a row! Out of 16 trivia teams. It was pretty fun….we won free drink tokens for next week. Very proud of us.

But loud music, and eight friends, plus a bar full of people that now know our names and heckle us….makes for an entire evening of being “on” and social there, too. On the positive side, the table behind us was full of hot young guys, and this guy Paul started chatted me up. I’m going to pretend that he was hitting on me, even though in reality he was just friendly and chatty. I am not wearing my wedding ring (it’s too big on me…need to get that fixed) and I was sitting next to Danielle all evening, so it’s not surprising that he had a surprised look on his face when I introduced him to “my husband” before we left. Ha ha! But that felt good to sorta-kinda get hit on or chatted up!

Then we raced home and hubby left with his friends for MIT in Boston. I have the house to myself. WHEW. First time all day to settle down and unwind after a very social evening. Deep breath. RELAAXXXX. I’m going to shut the computer now and wander into the bedroom, make my bed properly, the way that *I* like it to be (with the sheets nice and tight….hubby likes to roll up in all the sheets and blankets like a cocoon) and watch a tv show.

Like I said earlier, weight was 125 today. Not good, but also no real cause for alarm. Food today was:

Breakfast: 1 cup of coffee, cream no sugar.
Lunch: 1 cup of vegetable soup, 1 small bag of potato chips, diet coke
Dinner: the cheese off 1 slice of pizza (barfed up half of that up thanks to the band and not paying attention) at home, then 2 fried mozerella sticks at the bar, plus two 10 oz beers at the bar

Total guesstimated calories: a little less than 800 calories maybe

Need lots more water. Lots more nutrition. I’m really not very good at balanced meals anymore. SIGH. Lots of room for improvement. I’ll get there.

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  • Patrick

    Changes are a constant aren’t they. New job means new scheduling & behavior hurdles to adopt or at least adjust to. Challenges is all they are, and we all know you are pretty good at slaying a challenge. So not worried you will find the water, nutrition and all else you need to balance & improvement you seek.

    Getting hit on, oh I’m guessing you’ll have more such stories to share whould you choose to.

    Hmmm, free drink tokens for next week… yeah see what I mean about you and chllenges :-)