It’s snowing! You can still lose weight!

by Christine on January 12th, 2011

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Arya on a snowwoman

A vast portion of the USA has been clobbered with a snow storm this week. I’m currently getting hit with this storm (9-15 inches), and I’m going to venture into work late today so I don’t have to drive in the snow during rush hour traffic.

A lot of you who are diet-minded are cursing the weather, thinking, “oh no! I can’t make it to the gym!” or “I’m out of fresh veggies to eat and I can’t make it to the store!”  To all of you fretting….don’t!! The snow and weather will give you a fantastic opportunity to get some unique exercise in and use up some of your canned goods in the cupboards!


  • My personal favorite is mulled wine. To make mulled wine, empty a bottle of cheap red wine into a pan on the stove and start heating it very slowly. (Don’t boil otherwise you’ll cook off the alcohol!) Add 3/4 of a bottle of water to dilute it.  Now throw in two fitstfulls of SPLENDA baking mix, a few cinnamon stix (and fresh cinnamon if you have it), and a dash of allspice, apple pie spice, cloves, nutmeg, cardamon, and whatever holiday-type spices you have in your cabinet. If you have any fresh lemons or oranges, add some slices to the mix (peel and all!).  Warm the mixture to your desired temperature, then drink!
  • Crockpot soup! You can get a little adventuresome here, adding whatever you have in your pantry. I like to throw in a can of diced tomatoes, a can of whatever beans (black beans, kidney beans), fresh or canned veggies (zucchini, onion, carrots, celery, and corn are common for me), and just a small handful of small pasta like elbow noodles *OR* some small diced potatoes. I might cook up some ground beef, sausage, or bacon to add to the mix as well.  Add some water to water it down, canned chicken broth or bouillon cubes if you have it, then start adding some spices. I like garlic salt, garlic pepper, oregano or basil, if you like spice add some tobasco. Voila, an instant, cheapy meal for a snowy day!  The more veggies you add, the healthier the soup is!
  • Nuts! A lot of people have leftover nuts in their cabinets, unused portions of cookies and whatnot. Why not pour the leftovers into a cup and munch on those? Nuts are great for you!
  • Broth. I love to heat up some broth (chicken stock, or chicken bouillon) and drink it like tea. It’s low in calories and really yummy!


  • Make a snowman!  Have fun, go crazy, dress it up with some of your fat clothes you grew out of a few months ago! Lifting the top snowball (the “head”) is a great weight-lifting workout! Use your legs, not your back!
  • Have a snowball fight with your kids.
  • Go sledding. Believe me, trudging up a hill 15 times will kick your ass.
  • Make a snow angel.
  • Build a snow fort.
  • If you have proper footwear, try jogging in deep snow, knees up high like you were running in water. It’s a killer workout!
  • If you have the facilities, try cross country skiing or downhill skiing!
  • Go ice skating
  • Make your own curling rink. Curling is like shuffleboard on ice! Read the rules of this weird Olympic sport here.
  • Make a little bon fire outside and make s’mores.

Dressing tips for newbies to the snow:

A good friend of mine from Alabama explained that neither she nor anyone she knows owns snow boots or proper footwear for playing in the snow. (A mind-boggling concept for me!) So if you are one of those poor souls that live without snow, please remember to wrap your bare feet with saran wrap or walmart bags before putting on your socks and shoes.  This will keep the water out and protect your feet from getting minor frostbite.  Similarly you can wear socks on your hands for gloves, but wrap your hands in a bag first. You’ll be able to play outside for longer!  Don’t forget to layer up….and avoid wearing cotton or jeans outside because they trap the moisture; you’re better off layering your gym clothes because the fabric “breathes” easier.   (Thanks Sandy for that reminder & tip!)

What are some of your favorite tips, foods, and adventures on snowy days?

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  • Suzanne

    It’s so true that if you dress for the weather you can have fun outside. Which reminds me we had a bit of snow last night and i’m off on my walk soon :)

  • Shane G.

    hey Chris! I love that you are in maintenance. I can watch you now and figure out my plans! haha, I am so cheating!

  • Patrick

    I wish my family liked homemade soups more but they just don’t, so our crockpot gets a workout on roasts and stews but soup not so much.

    Winter is not an excuse to get fat and flaccid, walk in it I do and if it is chilly i tend to walk faster. When the kids were younger snow forts were a certainty in our winters but now since snow forts don’t have xbox they aren’t as exciting to them.