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by Christine on January 11th, 2011

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It’s my second week of work, and all is well so far, if you don’t count me being exhausted all the time. I’m tired ALL the time!  Last night I was in bed and asleep by 9 pm. Waking up at such an early time is going to take some getting used to, I think!

My weight is holding constant at 123.5 or so. While this is good and I’m thrilled that this whole “maintenance” thing is working out for me, I know that I could do a better job with my eating. I need to fit in more snacks throughout the day, even if it’s something small.  I’ve gotten into the habit of going to a local restaurant on my own and ordering either soup or a small salad (a few times, like today, I’ve just had a can of soup here at my desk).  This is all good, but if I eat at restaurants often I will need to watch that my portion sizes stay in check. Even if I order the small, lunch-sized portions, it’s still way more food than anyone should eat, so I will need to keep an eye on my portion sizes. The gastric band will help me regulate that, I think.

On a downside, the anxiety and stress of starting a new job is getting to me physically.  I have had a hard time keeping any food down this last week….I’ve been barfing a lot of stuff up.  I’m not sure if it’s possible, but I feel like my band is somehow tighter with my anxiety levels increased. Is that possible, or just in my head? It’s probably a simple case of not chewing well enough. I’ve also been really constipated, and sleepy/tired all the time, so I know that the stress is messing with me a little bit.

If there’s any readers out there that enjoy really, super-duper hard puzzles, this week is the annual MIT Mystery Hunt!  I will be out in Boston helping Team Codex try to win for the first time! Our team is comprised of my husband’s gaming-geek friends, some Harvard professors, some Microsoft and Google employees, and some Wikipedia employees and Board of Directors members. It’s an interesting mix of people, and I enjoy trying to help out with the hunt. You can check out some of past years’ puzzles on this website if you’re interested in learning more.  Note: These puzzles are not for the weak of heart or for the easily frustrated.

Here’s a fun video of a past hunt! The theme was ACME, and a puzzle asked for each team to create a song. Here is our team’s song that year (and yes, that’s my husband in the video, SINGING, heavens help us all):

One of my husband’s good friends is the producer of G4’s “Attack of the Show.” Two years ago G4 attended our team on the hunt and gave an overview about the event. And yes, my hubby is interviewed and is in this video, too!  (For astute viewers, you can see Jeffrey in

Yeah it’s a serious geek fest, but it’s fun and a good time! And…it’s free!

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  • Heather

    I get tighter when I get anxious, stressed, nervous any of it. There for a bit in December, I couldn’t get anything down! I am glad that the job is working well for you in maintence. Keep up the good work!

  • Bonnie

    Hopefully your stomach settles down soon. The hunt sounds like fun. I used to do treasure hunts with my brothers when I was young and loved making up clues.