Everything you need to know to lose weight!

by Christine on January 3rd, 2011

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I’ve been browsing the blogging world, reading some of your blogs. I see that a lot of you are re-dedicating yourself to your mission to lose weight. You’re starting new resolutions, giving yourself a new start.  I also see a lot of new bloggers jumping into the world, wanting to see if blogging can really help you on your weight-loss journey. (It can, and welcome!)

Well, it might be time to sit down with a few pointers/reminders to let you know how this whole weight loss craziness really works. These are not hard tips or difficult rules to follow. It might be a little hard to let go of your food crutches, but embracing losing weight really isn’t hard at all once you figure out how it’s done. There’s a little magic, a little voodoo involved (and, according to some people, some plain old mathematics at time).

It’s a new year. A new start! You have a chance to be a whole new you–a whole  BETTER you!! So don’t delay…get started today!!! This is totally do-able, so don’t let anything stand in your way!

Exercise doesn’t make you thin. Let me repeat that. Exercise doesn’t make you thin. It makes your heart healthy and your body happy, but it doesn’t help with the scale. If you want to lose weight you need to do it the old fashioned way–by changing your diet. (Read more on this topic here.)

Stop eating “empty carbs.” If you’re going to eat some starches or carbs, only eat the ones that are plants and used to be alive at some point, such as a baked potato or beans. Bread is  NOT a plant. (Read more about the 12 healthy foods that will make you fat here.) (Read more about the evils of bread here.)

Limit your sugars. That includes sugar in your coffee.

Don’t be afraid to eat healthy fats, such as nuts, avocados, and fish. However, if you are going to eat these (and you should!) just be aware of your portion sizes. Healthy fats are also high in calories, so just keep your portions small. (See some sample menu plans here.)

Protein is your friend, and you should eat high protein foods often!! Fish, chicken, beef, tuna fish, beans, nuts are all high-protein foods. Why not try some tuna fish with brown mustard on some celery? Or some peanut butter on a carrot? Have a half-a protein shake if you need a snack on the go. (Read more about protein shakes here.)

Don’t starve. Eat often, every 2 hours or so. If you’re hungry, eat! If you’re not hungry, then don’t eat. Your portion sizes should be really, really small (serve your food on small dishes) so you should naturally feel hungry frequently throughout the day.

There’s no such thing as “free foods.” Weight watchers people, I’m specifically talking to you, and I’m especially eyeballing those “free fruits.” Those free fruits are loaded with sugar (and calories) so don’t just assume you can eat as much as you want. The same thing goes for any Atkins addicts who think that, since bacon is high in protein, that they are free to eat as much of it as they want.  Watch your calories, please. There’s no such thing as a free food, no matter what plan you’re following.

For those of you who have been dieting and following your plans, consider lowing your calorie consumption by 10%. That means if you are eating 1200 calories a day, just cut 120 out. I bet you notice a big difference on the scale. To lose weight, I ate 800 calories a day, and no, I promise you I didn’t starve. Don’t assume that you need to eat a bajillion calories a day just because some USFDA food pyramid thinks you should. Every body is different, and yours might take a little more–or less–food than others. Tweak your calories until you find what works for you.  (Read more about the CRON movement here.)

Journal everything you eat, absolutely everything that touches your lips! Keeping a blog with a list of your foods eaten is a great way to keep track of what you’re doing, while at the same time getting some constructive feedback and encouragement from perfect strangers!

And last but not least…

Measure everything!!! Every single thing you eat should be carefully counted, measured and weighed. You cannot possibly estimate how much food you are consuming if you don’t measure it all out. You will be shocked at how much you will under-estimate the size of your food. I measure food all the time! For instance, I have a terrible time estimating the amount of cereal I should eat, and I always bust out the measuring cups to make sure I get exactly 100 calories of the breakfast of my choice. Do not underestimate the power of measuring your food!! (Read more on this topic here.) (Read more about portion control here!)

If you haven’t already read my post “How I lost 99 pounds” you should! Read it here!

I hope that this post helps you on your way to being a major weight-loss success story! Using the above strategies I went from  this:

To this!

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  • Shane G.

    Thanks for a strong and informative post Christine! All very good advice and info. I hope to see a whole lot of folks join our community this year and I hope both the newbies and the veterans achieve great successes this year, including you and me!!

  • Dinnerland

    Great post! Really enjoyed it and agree and do many of the things that you’ve stated… Happy 2011.

  • Mizfit08

    the photos say it all.

  • Karen

    I came by from Patrick’s blog. Love your dancing in that video post! These are great tips. Congratulations on your huge accomplishment:)

  • http://goo.gl/Qsrs9 Dr. J

    Pretty good advice! Popcorn is my go to snack, air popped of course :-)

  • Patrick

    Info info info… Absorbing, pondering, connecting the dots. I have a craving for protein now, but it will wait as bed time looms.

    Information is power & you’re summation here contains enough of power to get us all where we desire to go.

  • http://whywait-maude.blogspot.com/ Maude

    Great post!

  • Aalya_arora

    ur too gud ……i tooo exercise a lot and have a healthy food bt i m not able to lose my weight after 10 kgs …wat shoud i do?????? plz help……