Weight Maintenance, Part 1

by Christine on December 29th, 2010

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I have been thinking about weight maintenance, and I’ve been mulling over the following questions in my head. I have few answers to these questions at this point, and hopefully I can start to develop answers in the weeks to come.

1. What prompted me to lose weight in the first place?

2. Why did this version of weight loss work for  me when other diets failed?

3. Why was I fat in the first place? What self-destructive or bad habits did I partake in that got me to 225 pounds?

4. What’s my gameplan for keeping the weight off? Will I need to journal my food intake every day, as I have been doing for years? What will be my calorie limits, fat limits, carb limits, exercise plan?

5. What is my weight maintenance range? What will I be happy at, in terms of a weight range?

6. What kind of support system or a checks and balances system will I put into place in order to ensure that I don’t gain the weight back?

7. Will I/should I continue to obsess over food, calories, exercise, weight? Or can I allow myself to focus on other interests, passions, hobbies, etc?

8.  How often can or should I weigh in?

9. How has my weight loss affected my relationships and friendships, and how will (or should) those relationships and friendships change as I progress into weight maintenance mode?

There’s an organization called the National Weight Control Registry that studies people who have lost a significant amount of weight and have kept it off for a year or more. According to their studies, they have discovered that people who are successful with weight maintenance:

  • Exercise an average of an hour a day.
  • Eat breakfast every day.
  • Weight themselves at least once a week.
  • Watch less than 10 hours of TV per week.

In non-weight maintenance related news…it appears that I gained about 1.5 or 2.0 pounds while visiting my parents in Illinois. The scale this morning read at 125.2. I am perfectly happy with that number, especially considering that I’m probably bloated from the airline travel. My gameplan today was to eat plenty of salads (ordered a grilled chicken salad for lunch and had half the leftovers for dinner. I still have enough for a third meal!) and lots of liquids. Overall, I think 1.5 pounds is not too bad considering how many M&Ms I allowed myself to have while I was out of town. I feel much better having control over my own kitchen and own meals.

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  • Shane G.

    it tickles me to no end to hear you talking about maintenance! I am so proud to have “been there” when you reached goal. I don’t have any advice about maintenance other than do what your instincts tell you. I am already mulling over what I want to do when I get there. I have become so accustomed to exercise that I KNOW that will be part of it. At this point, I am seriously worried how I will handle the calories though. I am having a hard time dealing with the fact I need to up my bank right now. I am so fixed on my routine, it is kinda scary. I will be watching you to see how you handle it, and taking notes.

  • Claynlesia

    Christine Thank you for your comment on my blog. Hope you don’t get TMJ either. I have been at goal weigh since August. I continue to lose more weight and am about to go below the healthy BMI chart. I became a lifetime WW member months ago. I am loving the new me! smile

  • http://whywait-maude.blogspot.com/ Maude

    I’m sooo late to the party – Congrats on making goal, lady! I can’t believe I missed it! But I’m looking forward to all the coming maintenence posts. This is so exciting for you! What a great Christmas/New Years present