More VICTORY pictures!!!

by Christine on December 18th, 2010

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I woke up and weighed myself first thing. I saw 124.6 on the scale. I’ve lost 100.4 pounds (I’ll round up and say 101 pounds.)

I promptly took a shower and had a nice long cry. Lots of emotions floating around in there….

I decided I would actually do my hair and makeup and try to look decent for the big day.

I went out to run some errands.I wanted a cup of coffee, so I stopped at McDonalds and got myself a free Mocha with a coupon.

I wanted to try on some dresses, so I played dress-up at JC Penny. (I bought a pair of blue jeans, on sale. They were a size 4 because apparently JC Penny doesn’t sell sizes lower than 4. I think a size 2 would have fit better.) These dresses were size 2s.

It was after lunch, and I was hungry. I decided to go to Wendy’s for a cheeseburger. I hadn’t had a cheeseburger since August!  I ended up eating about 1/3 of it.

I came home and put together that snazzy, silly video I posted the other day. Scroll down to watch it!

Then I went out to pub trivia with hubby & friends. Up to this point I hadn’t told anyone that I had met my goal weight. So, for our trivia name I chose “I lost 101 pounds today!”  When the Trivia DJ announced our team name at halftime, Hubby said, “Hey, congrats!” but then immediately went back to his conversation about computers or whatever.

I felt very dejected. Unimportant. Like my achievement meant nothing to my friends or family. I was very upset. I still am.

I had dinner at the pub and had a small cup of creamy mushroom soup, very very salty. And a diet coke.

When we came home hubby and I went into our hot tub and I told him that I was feeling sad and dejected. He was sad for me, and since then he’s made a better attempt to say “congrats” to me.

And that was pretty much it. My big Victory day.  Having such supportive messages to my post the other day meant A LOT to me. It’s really weird and horrible that my friends and family have been like “whatever” to my victory. I think I was expecting a reception akin to The Biggest Loser finale…you know, the contestants come home, and all their friends and family are there to pat them on the back and say “wow” and “we’re so proud of you.” Yeah, none of that for me. I shouldn’t be surprised at the lack of reaction, but it still hurts my feelings. It reinforces that I’m doing this for ME, not for anyone else.

My goal for reaching my ultimate goal was a trip to Vegas, which I will do, but later when I start my job and have more money. So, as a consolation prize, yesterday I went to the local casino (there’s one up in Saratoga) and I pissed away $20, then went out for some drinks with a new girlfriend. It was fun to go out, and I felt a little better about my victory.

It just didn’t play out the way I wanted it to or expected it to, you know?

This morning I weighed in at 124.0.

I’m going to have to wrap my head around this idea of “maintenance,” now.  That is going to be quite a challenge for me; I’ve been trying to lose weight for so many years, it’s all I know how to approach my self-image and relationship with food.

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  • Gracie

    OMG congrats to you. You are our idol. This is amazing. We the bloggers are so proud of you. You are who we strive to be. You should be very very proud. Gracie

  • Rachelthinwithin1

    You look fit, healthy and beautiful. Congrats on your accomplishment it is tremendous and reflects a lot of discipline and determination. Thank you for being a mentor and role model.

    I loved your video…it reflected your joy and happiness. I think that is awesome.

  • Rachelthinwithin1

    I always refer back to your How I lost 99 lbs tab…it is a good guideline cheat sheet. Now you have to change it to How I lost 100.4 lbs

  • Vickie

    I am so happy for you! Sorry the celebration wasn’t what you expected, but you are right, you did it for you.

  • Shane G.

    I am sorry you didn’t get the fanfare you wanted for your goal. Hopefully it doesn’t stick with you for too long. It really wasn’t about them, it was about you. but in terms of your hubs not making a big deal, I get that. I honestly only tell my wife about my losses through Facebook and for the most part, I get no reaction from her on those posts. I think twice she has said something in person and once she commented on my post. I quit telling her in person cause she seemed to get aggravated about it when I did. So I feel your aggravation trust me.

    On the bright side, great idea playing dress up as a celebration! I think I may go suit shopping when I hit 185, and by suit shopping, I mean I will go try them on and not buy them…. haha. I have one jacket, but I hope to buy a couple of nice suits when I get to a normal size.

    In terms of maintenance, i will be watching you! Mostly to get some idea of how to do it!

  • Jane

    What an accomplishment, Christine! I don’t think others understand how hard-fought such a victory really is–unless they have been there! They have also seen your progress along the way and may have thought you looked great months ago. They also mahy have gotten used to how determined and steadfast you have been. Yeah, they start taking all of that for granted. We weight loss folks, however, like to see the goal number, and we know what it takes to get there! A big woo-hoo from me, and I’m sure from all of us out here who have followed your journey! It’s one of the most difficult things in the world to do, and you did it! BTW–you are a very, very pretty girl/woman!

  • Kat

    Congratulations on making it to your goal!! Enjoy your results and your healthy lifestyle. =) Kat

  • Alison

    Congratulations on getting to goal, really sorry that you didn’t get the reaction that you deserved from your friends and family x

  • Libby

    So proud of you, Christine. What an accomplishment. I will be very interested to follow your maintenance plan as I am really not sure how that works (although I am far from it).

    Love the fashion show but what’s up with the black socks with the white dress? 😉

    You continue to inspire!

  • Cathy

    You look fantastically gorgeous. Congratulations. I hope you don’t continue to feel bummed out about reactions from friends and family. The truth is they really don’t care about it nearly as much as you do, because it is about you!

  • Freckle on the Nose

    Congratulations!! You have worked so hard for this and definitely deserve it!

  • Brettharris35

    Hi There
    Came over from Allan’s blog. And what a great day to read your post!!!


    I know what it feels like when you feel fantastic about something you accomplished and the hubby or family don’t get it. I can’t tell you how many marketing awards I have won in my life and they are always like “oh that’s great Brett. What’s for dinner? ”
    But the most important person to be happy is YOU. only YOU know how hard your worked.

    All the best.

  • Allanmklein

    I think the white dress says it all… AWESOME

  • island bandit

    congrats again!
    Keep in mind – on the Biggest loser there are cameras and producers and people encouraging the crowd of family and friends to clap and cheer!!!
    I think it’s hard for someone who hasn’t shared the struggle to really and truly appreciate how monumental 100lbs is… so try not to beat them or yourself up over this.
    You’re right. you’re doing this for you and YOU certainly celebrated your victory in right form

  • Crazyfatgirl

    Incredible! Congratulations! It IS POSSIBLE to reach those goals. You did it! SO inspirational!
    BTW, you look incredible in those dresses!
    It is too bad that you did not receive the big reception you were hoping for. I imagine to other people that have seen you every week or every day on your journey the difference is small between 99 lbs and 100 lbs, but to you that number is so much more monumental. It marks the end of one journey and the beginning of the next. It is the accomplishment you have dreamed about and worked so hard to get.

    I am so happy for you! Now you can pave the way by figuring out this maintenance thing for all of us.

  • Patrick

    You are rocking those dresses. Interesting that you didn’t get more celebratory fanfare from friends & family. Impossible for us to try and suggest why that was. The good in it is that the thoughts and emotions for you came around to re-affirming who this was really important for; you! Just keep remembering that too as you shift into adopting a maintenance lifestyle, staying at the weight you want is all about you doing it for you. Congrats again, Way To Go!