Holy crap I hurt…

by Christine on December 1st, 2010

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Every inch of my body is in pain! It’s DOMS — Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. Read more about it here. The workout from yesterday really did the trick though, and my arms, shoulders, chest, upper and lower legs, thighs, and butt are SCREAMING in pain! I only realized just now that I didn’t do any situps because my abs are the only major muscle group that is NOT in pain!

It’s a good thing I have several days until my half-marathon, so I can recover! I LOVE the feeling of DOMS, by the way. It reinforces that I gave myself a good workout. I know that the pain will be gone in about two days.

My eating has been excellent! Lots of meat, salad, fresh veggies. NO SUGAR! Wahoo! My calories have been spot-on, too. Last night I had baked haddock in lemon and garlic pepper, with a side of steamed veggies and a little leftover couscous. Lunch today was Paneras: a small cafe salad and a cup of tomato soup. (No chips or bread or any of that carby crap.) Dinner tonight is likely to be a pork chop and more steamed veggies.

I bought a dress, on sale, from Macy’s today in a Size 0. I think it was vanity sized (because even then it was a little roomy) but I bought it anyway. SIZE ZERO? I seriously scoffed at myself in the dressing room. I also bought a few other items of clothing that I probably shouldn’t have; I’m going to bankrupt us while trying to establish a new wardrobe.Yeesh.But seriously though…I have so few clothes in my size. It’s going to take ages to establish a real, professional wardrobe again.

Today I had a meeting with New York State Department of Labor Career Services. They told me that according to their Prevailing Wage Rates, that I should be making $120,000 a year. I laughed so hard I cried. Only in my wildest dreams, ha ha ha. And those are Albany salaries, too, not NYC salaries! I told the lady that I personally would give her 10% of my first year’s salary if she could really find me a job that paid that much. She was nice, but I don’t think she was up for the challenge. Pity.

Tomorrow I get my hair done! I am so excited! I only get my hair done about 3 times a year, and this time I desperately need it. My ends are dried and fried, the bleached highlights look trashy, I can see root lines everywhere. I’m going to keep it long, but dye is darker for the winter. It’ll look MUCH healthier afterwards.

Right now I’m off to dinner with friends. Keep making healthy food choices, and don’t let winter’s lack of sunshine get you down. Remember your Vitamin D pills (now in chewable gummies, so Bandsters there’s no reason why you aren’t having your Vitamin D!) — it’ll help give you energy!

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  • Drfattofit

    I swear I get that soreness almost EXACTLY 24 hours after a heavy workout. Like now. My LEGS are hurting from TKD. But, it is so rewarding to know the soreness means my muscles are working. I’m sure you’ll feel better in time for Sunday!

  • Amandakiska

    Size freaking ZERO!!!! That ROCKS!

  • Bonnie

    I’m taking my first Zumba class tomorrow and am hoping that will be the gateway to spending more time at the gym. I could use some DOMS myself. Congrats on the 0. I’d wear the tag on the outside of my clothes – vanity sizing or not.

  • http://whywait-maude.blogspot.com/ Maude

    Methinks someone is on a big push towards goal! You’re en fuego!

    I’m feeling you on the clothes thing. It’s half fun, half irritating to watch your clothes get to be way too big. It’s such an investment

  • Shane G.

    I don’t want to hear no whining for Sunday dang it! I am worn to a frazzle from all my walking but I am in for a penny in for a pound on this thing! haha! I used to work out at the gym hard 6 days a week, and I miss that full body soreness when you have just a killer workout. Once i hit goal, I think I am going to begin trying to put some muscle on in earnest. I just want to get thin and get my eating habits right before I do.