Off to Boston again!

by Christine on November 19th, 2010

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For lunch I had to wander around Albany to find a place to eat. Fortunately I’m somewhat familiar with the downtown area. I found a little salad shop and ordered some soup. When I ordered, the guy at the counter kept STARING at me.  It was weird. Finally I asked him, “What?! What is it?” and he just stared and said, “You’re BEAUTIFUL!”  I was really flabbergasted. Such a thing has never happened to me! I blushed and stammered something like, “aw, aren’t you a doll? thank you!” or something to that effect. It was weird because it honestly felt heartfelt–not at all like when your mom says it to you or something. Here was just this stranger, a guy, saying that to me for nothing else than to say it. What a compliment!

To top it off, I got hit on when walking down the street–TWICE!  One was by some creepy guy at the bus stop (hey, I’ll take a compliment any way it comes) and another was from a group of construction workers that were walking down the street at the same time as me. They were actually really funny and interesting.

At night I met our group of friends out at the pub for trivia night. We came in first place this week (yay!) and I had three cosmos (no dinner). Yes, three cosmos! It was TOTALLY overdoing it (in terms of bad calorie value & no nutrition) but I really needed an evening to destress after such a hectic and stressful day!  Overall I was well under my calories for the day, but it nearly doesn’t count because the calories I consumed weren’t really quality ones. I shall do better today.

Have a good weekend everyone!

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  • Libby

    Jury duty sounds fascinating but I really hope it doesn’t negatively affect your ability to find a job. I can just hear that conversation, “Yes, I’d love to work for you. By the way…I need every other Thursday and Friday off for the foreseeable future.” But it is a good escuse for you to be able to continue to write.

    Have a great weekend in Boston!

  • Ajames79

    mmmm three cosmos! I imagine that jury dute would be interesting! I’ve never been asked before! My time will come! You are beautiful! But I am really happy you got hit on! *laugh* funny thing to say, huh?