by Christine on November 17th, 2010

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It’s Wednesday already; this week is flying by. It seems like this is the most boring week on the planet. Yesterday the satellite guy came to convert our cable to satellite. The poor guy was having a very bad day before he even showed up. He was young, maybe 20 years old at best, and had spent three hours working on a job in the morning only for the guy to cancel the installation–which means the satellite guy didn’t get paid for his work. (He only gets paid if a job is completed.) That sucks, poor thing!  He was really pleased when I offered him a pepsi, so at lunchtime I threw a frozen pizza in the toaster oven. You would have thought I handed him a million dollars! He perked right up, got really chatty with me, and in the end gave me his personal cell phone number to call if we have any questions or problems with the tvs. He was here all day long, and in that time I got my presentation done.

Last night we were supposed to have dinner with friends, so hubby and I went out to dinner just the two of us. That was nice to spend quality time with him. This restaurant has a “soup flight” which is a sampler of four soups of my choice. Each sample had about three or four bites worth in each dish–perfect for me!  The soups were delicious, too.

Today I have nothing going on AT ALL. A very boring day. I’m feeling tired and am lacking motivation.

I’ve been eating well, staying within my calories. I haven’t weighed in yet; my big weigh-in day is on December 12th.

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  • Patrick

    Whoohooo, finally the the home PC is mine to use when I have time to use it and I can comment on your blog! Soup flight, sounds like a great idea; what soups were in your flight? The cable guy putting out a sad story huh. Oh I am sure it is legit, but it reminded me when I was 22 and cleaned carpets for a living. We got pid on what we upsold and we were trained specifically how to sell to each type of customer. GG’s were on such type; Gorgeous Gals. I don’t remember all of the techniques but I recall enough to know that getting them to feel some of your pain increased the liklihood of an upsell or a better tip or both. Usually the latter. Whew, thinking back to that jobs gives me the creeps. I havent done sales since and never will if i can help it.

  • Allanmklein

    Flirted with the 20 year old installation guy. You a Cougar now Chica !!