Game tournament loser (and winner!)

by Christine on November 14th, 2010

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Yesterday we carpooled with a group of friends and went to Boston for a Dominion tournament.

If you fancy yourself a gaming geek, or if you just REALLY like board games, then I highly recommend Dominion. You’ve probably even heard of it before if you’re really into games. Dominion is a card-playing game where you slowly compile a deck of cards out of 10 randomly chosen piles of cards.  The goal is to buy as much land as possible, but in order to do that you need money and actions, which you can buy from the piles of cards. Combine attacks with defensive cards. (Learn more here.) It’s SUPER fun, and even most of the girls I know play Dominion!

Well, we drove three hours to get to Boston to play in this four-hour tournament. There were approximately 20 people there, and 15 were our group of friends!  I came in dead last with our group of friends (which is really strange because I’m actually a pretty good Dominion player!!) and, unsurprisingly my hubby came in first place! He’s a brilliant card player, so his win didn’t surprise anyone. His prize was a dumb box from the game maker (Rio Grande games) and a $15 gift certificate to the gaming store we were at.  Our entry fees went to charity, an organization called Child’s Play.

Eating rather sucked yesterday. We arrived at noon having skipped lunch. At 2 p.m. I threw a little temper trantrum and said that I needed food NOW, so we all took a break. (You must be assertive with game-geeks because they forget that everything else exists in the world except the game they are playing, including spouses, children, food, time, responsibilities, etc.)  We went to a pizza place and hooray they had soup! It was chicken + rice. I got a cup of that plus one scoop of plain old tuna salad (no bread, no salad, etc). The soup was really gross so I just drank the broth and had the salad. Plus a Vitamin Water.

On the way home we stopped at McDonalds. I had 2 chicken nuggets for about 100 calories. They were gross and felt like a lead weight in my stomach.

When we got home about 8 people came over to play games until 1 a.m.  I didn’t have any real food to bring out for share with so many people, so I munched on a few pretzels, mini-oreos, and a glass of skim milk. Hardly a stellar day, but I also couldn’t bust out a can of soup and eat it when I wasn’t giving anything to the rest of my guests, right?  Awkward, but oh well. Today will be a much better day I’m sure.

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  • Bonnie

    Sounds like an intense game. Glad you had fun.

  • Patrick

    Chicken nuggets, yeah gross. I have actually used them for fishing bait and caught a few fish. SInce i don’t eat fish bait, i don’t eat chix nugs anymore.