It’s sleeting outside! And food request…

by Christine on November 8th, 2010

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What a dreary day! It’s 32 degrees outside, and it’s sleeting, hailing, kind of snowing, and doing some rainy drizzle at the same time. At least nothing is freezing to the roads because the ground isn’t frozen, but it sure makes for a miserable, dreary day! On days like this I wish I had a fireplace in my house. There’s nothing that seems quite so lovely as curling up in front of a fire with some mulled wine or hot chocolate!  However, I AM fortunate that I have a hot tub! And not just any hot tub, but an indoor one, so I can use it without getting sleeted upon! Yes, tonight will be a mulled-wine and hot tub kind of evening.

This morning I got through a bunch of phonecalls that needed to be made, but unfortunately nobody has called me back, so they haven’t been wholly productive. Still, I could check those items off my daily to-do list! Now I am happily installed at the library to get a few hours of writing under my belt.

When I left home, I wanted to pack a light lunch so I didn’t have to pay for something while I was out. I grabbed a handful of almonds–always a safe bet!–but then was derailed from a “meal” option.  Leftover open-faced Reuben sandwich? No. Canned soup? No.  Leftover beans & corn? No. Leftover cous-cous? No.  Yikes, nothing in my refrigerator really works for an on-the-go meal!

I ended up making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. But there’s a few problems with that, all involving bread. First, bread & carbs are evil. High in calories, no nutritional benefits, and the carbs will just make me hungrier later. Secondly, with my gastric band, I don’t have a healthy relationship with bread. I’ll have to eat it in the library bathroom so when it gets stuck I can barf it up. Hardly a healthy scenario there. So this sandwich is sitting next to me glaring at me, and I haven’t the slightest idea whether to attempt to eat it or not.  I suppose the library patrons might glare at me if I attempt to lick the peanut butter off the side of the bread, huh?

This leads me to the question: What are some gastric-band-safe, portable, on-the-go meals that I should stock up on? Fresh veggies are an obvious answer (and I shall get some as soon as I make a grocery store run. Yikes, I haven’t been to the market in 3 weeks!) but I’m wondering what some other options might be. Ideas anyone?

Things to do this week: Go to the grocery store, and buy thermal underwear at Walmart. I’m freezing.

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  • Amandakiska

    I enjoy Nile Spice cup of soups. You just add hot water and let it steep for 10 minutes. If you are out and about, you can usually get hot water at a coffee stand. My favorite is the black bean chili which has 170 calories and 14 grams of protein. It also has lots of fiber.

    I’ve also found different bread options to be more easily tolerated than regular bread. I like flat bagels (110 calories) and pita pocket bread (about the same). Not a whole lot of nutricion, but I make up for that with high protein toppings and some veggies.

    I’m having PB&J for lunch today too, but I don’t have any major issues with bread if I eat it slowly and chew well.

  • Heather

    I always keep a cinnamon roll Zone bar in my purse. That is my on the go meal. I know that I can get it down without pbing and the nutritional make-up is pretty good. It has about 200 calories, but I can never finish a whole one. I wish they made minis. I keep them with me as sometimes we take too long doing something and there are no guarantees that we find something to eat for me.

    I also like to make egg salad with olive oil mayo and put about a tablespoon in a small tupperware and then eat it with 4 flip-side crackers.

    I am so not looking forward to colder weather. I did however find a coat at the Goodwill yesterday. I was swimming in my old one!

  • Sarah G

    Sandwiches are totally off my menu now too. I second the Zone bar Heather suggested, chocolate peanut butter are my personal fave. What about peanut butter in a little container and a couple of crackers in a baggie? I’d suggest tuna salad the same way but you might get glared at for the smell in the library.

  • Ajames79

    What about the single servings of hummus for veggies..or the peanut butter singles for apples or celery! Not a huge peanut butter fan but sometimes it is yummy!

  • Shane G.

    I am not a bandie so I can not help there! Sorry. I actually love the first sleet/snow/slush event of each winter, it is the following ones I hate! Get you some thermals and keep yourself warm lady!

  • Life as a caterpillar

    It’s so cold here too!! I haven’t fallen out with you- my internet has not been working at home since Sunday (that’s the weather!!) and i am just sneaking on for 1 min in work to say hi. xx