Sunday, No Harm Done

by Christine on November 7th, 2010

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No harm done with my cookie extravaganza on Friday. Today’s weigh-in was only half a pound up (128.something) and that could be just as probable from salty food yesterday as from a cookie-binge.  In the past, when I had a binge-eating moment (which was far more frequent than it happens now) I would fret for days about the impact that the food had on my weight-loss attempts. That, in turn, would create even more self-hate and self-loathing.  No, it’s different now. I know I’ll always have to fight binge-eating and disordered eating for the rest of my life, but my gastric band has given me the peace of mind to know that one moment of overeating won’t destroy everything I’ve worked for. It goes back to Rule #1, “Weight Loss Should Be Easy,” not full of self-doubt, angst, worry, anxiety, as well as constant attempts to start (and accidental “stops”) on the dieting bandwagon.

The binge-eating moment is behind me, but I know I still need to work out a lot of these underlying issues, otherwise I will probably face another episode at some point in the future. Today hubby and I went for a hike to Thatcher Park. On the way we talked a little about jobstuff. We danced delicately around the whole working issue. He made is subtly evident that he wants me to take the job no matter what. I added that I enjoyed the job description and what I know of the job so far, so bringing up anything else might be a slightly moot point of sorts.

We spent some time working together to shrink-wrap our windows in preparation for winter drafts. We are safely and securely shrink-wrapped for the winter. We will spend some time this evening looking through our bills to find ways that we can save money and cut back on things.

It really wasn’t very much of an exciting day. Too much coffee, not enough “real food.” I had a brilliant open-faced corned beef sandwich with sourkraut, cheese, and dressing (I didn’t eat the bread, and only ate 1/3 of the sandwich) that filled me up for most of the day. Now I’m craving pickles. Hmmm.

More tomorrow! Sorry for the boring post today.

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  • Crazyfatgirl

    Hey girlie,
    Thinking of you and hoping you find some peace and resolution to your situation. I took a job a year and a half ago because of the money and now I am trying to figure out how to get out of it. It is not the end of the world, but it is soul sucking. Now I am just considering it temporary while I make plans for the future. It will still probably take me 1- 1 1/2 years.

    Anyway, maybe you won’t get the job offer. If you do, maybe you can take it and still find ways to save some money to pack it away. The you can keep writing and get that book ready to publish. Sure, it might take longer, but it doesn’t mean you need to stop writing. At least you know WHAT you want to do.

    I am sure you will find the path that is right for you.

    And PS, stay out of the cookies! :-)

  • MizFit08

    I love what you say about the binge eating being behind you yet needing to still focus on the way.
    In so many areas of all our lives it is TOO SIMPLE to be glad something is ‘passed” and never bother to examine the why.

    Ive learned from experience that it merely happens ALL OVER AGAIN THEN…