Sugar is the devil!

by Christine on October 24th, 2010

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Well, overall I think the party was a success. The turnout was only mediocre (7 people total) but I think everyone that came over had a good time! Mostly we ate, drank, giggled, talked, played a few board games (Apples to Apples) and giggled some more.  There’s about a trillion empty beer bottles in my kitchen!  I have a refrigerator full of leftover food, which is unfortunate; there’s no way I’ll be able to eat it all!  I am instructing hubby to take the leftover sweets (cupcakes, rice krispies) to work to give away to his co-workers. I don’t need that shit in my house anymore because I’ve done nothing but eat it all day today! BAD CHRISTINE!  Sugar is the devil, I swear. It’s like crack: you try a little, then need a constant dose of it forever after. It’s seriously wretched!  I’ve eaten very little today, but there’s no doubt that I’ve gone over my calorie limit because of the damn sugar-crack.  If it’s not gone tomorrow, I’m going to throw it out!

Tomorrow there’s a showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show! I’ve never been to a showing of it in a theater; I can’t wait! It’s only $5, which is even better! I can’t wait! I wonder if I should go dressed up…?  Columbia was always my favorite, but I definitely don’t have any “costumes” laying around that would fit her character! Boo!

A year ago today I was interviewing for a job (interviewed with the horrible place that I no longer work for!), packing for a trip to California, and I weighed 182 pounds. One year later, I’m down 54 pounds! Awesome!  A post from last year, which shows how desperate I was to get the fills working for me:

Today I nearly forgot that I had a doctor’s visit!!! But I made it there in time. AND HE GAVE ME A FILL! About freaking time! It was fascinating — I could actually feel the band squeeze my tummy. It was a trippy feeling but kinda cool. :-)

I was totally deceptive when I went in for the appointment, too. I wanted to make sure he’d give me a fill, but he wouldn’t if I have lost weight. So I wore heavy clothes (in layers), chugged a bottle of water. I figure it put on 2-3 pounds??? Turns out I was *STILL* down 0.1 pound from my last visit! Anyway, it was enough to convince him to give me another fill. Hooray!!!

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  • Cara

    Yeah those fills always feel kind of surreal to me, too.

    Sounds like you all had a lot of fun – and thats what its all about. Good stuff.

  • Shane G.

    throw it away if you can’t give it away!

  • Patrick

    Down 54 pounds in a year. How does that feel? Super Satisfying? or, Just Ok? I hope closer to Super Satisfying if not beyond that. If at the start of 365 days ago someone told me i would lose 54 pounds by this time next year, i would have fallen in love with them. Which makes me happy Rip Taylor didn’t happen by and tell me that a year ago… FIFTY FOUR pounds, nothing short of an amazing year in my mind.

    A great post to read right after an early morning workout as i go on now to kick butt today.

  • Heather

    That 54 pounds lost has found you a new person. I am glad that the party went well. I wouldn’t worry about going over calories over one weekend. You have to live right?

  • islandbandit

    I LOVE Rocky Horror and it’s best seen in a theatre with all the audience participation bits!
    Sounds like the party was fun. Too bad there’s so much leftover food since you’ll never be able to eat it with your mini portions.

  • amanda

    totally go dressed up and bring all of the props!! spray bottle, newspaper, toast, adn i know there is more but i was sooo sad i didn’t bring stuff the one time i went!!!


    check ya on the other side!

  • Amandakiska

    I’ve always wanted to see that in a theater. It is supposed to be quite the experience.

    You are on to something with the sugar. I think that I am very sensitive to blood sugar changes and when I eat sugar and then experience the inevitable plunge, I always want to eat more. I have to limit myself to no more than one serving of sweets once or twice a week and I’m mindful of the cravings when they come.