Hooray for Thursday!

by Christine on October 21st, 2010

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It’s Thursday, hooray! Weight has been good–130.2 yesterday, so I may have broken into the 120’s today, I’m not sure. I haven’t weight myself yet! I can’t wait for the moment I see the 120s on the scale. I’ve never seen that number EVER before!

Yesterday I went for an hour bike ride along the Mohawk River. It was a beautiful day and a perfect day for a bike ride! I really had fun; a great way to get some exercise! I should go to the gym today, and I probably will in a few minutes.

Eating has been good, mostly. Yesterday I had some soup for lunch, cereal for dinner.  Today I had more soup for lunch. I LOVE the Creamy Tomato soup at Paneras, but it seems like whenever I go there, they are out. Well, I stopped by the restaurant a few days ago and they had the soup! So I bought the “soup for a group” which is a great deal for me because I can get about five meals out of it for $9.99.  I’ve been eating tomato soup ever since. Yummy, it’s one of my favorites! It’s a little high in calories–the highest calorie soup on their menu–but with the small portion size, it is not too much of a problem for me.

I have a girls night party on Saturday, so I have been busy cleaning the house in preparation for that. I have to plan some food & drinks for the party tomorrow and go shopping for it. I’m thinking pizza is just quick and easy, although I’d RATHER do some healthy, yummy appetizers that we can just graze on. Anyone have any ideas, better than mere “cut up veggies + dip?”  I thought doing fruit + chocolate fondue, but I don’t have a fondue pot so that idea is out. Bummer.

Today the unemployment office called me, claiming that my former employer was denying my claim, saying that I voluntarily left my job. I read the lady from the Dept. of Labor my “Letter of Dismissal” and she agreed that I certainly didn’t quit–I was let go! Boy, that had me in a panic for a few minutes, but it’s all taken care of now. I hope.


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  • http://www.justquiteating.blogspot.com Debbie Lowe

    I love my bike and I wish I had a river to ride beside. You are looking great and I love all the pictures..

  • islandbandit

    hmmmmm…. will have to think about some ideas for grazing menu.
    your former employer sounds like a real tool (that’s my nice word since i’m in public on someone else’s blog :) ) glad it sounds like you’ve gotten that sorted.
    how’s the writing coming along?????

  • http://www.heathersbandedjourney.com Heather

    Have you thought about the bites from eggface? http://theworldaccordingtoeggface.blogspot.com/2010/09/glee-day.html
    I made these and they were super yummy. I figured the recipie out and it was 26 calories a muffin! Can’t go wrong with that! I hope that you have a wonderful party.

  • Libby

    You just had to KNOW that former employer was gonna be a pill. Your boss sounded like the biggest B**CH. Your lucky to be out of there and they were foolish enough to write a letter of dismissal so there is no way they can claim you quit.

    How goes the writing?

  • Shane G.

    haha on the old job. Dumb asses. Everybody is bike riding lately.. I keep threatening. We’ll see.