Stop right there! Put down your forks!

by Christine on October 15th, 2010

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Good afternoon Revolutionists!

Today’s lunch was: half a can of tuna fish (35) with a little mayo (40); half a slice of cheese (35); scallions (2), lettuce (2), on half a whole wheat thin bread thingamajiggy (50) for a total of  164 calories of yumminess.

Today I was browsing some blogs and I have a little advice for everyone out there:


Seriously, most of you are eating Way. Too. Much.  Too much quantity, all at one sitting.   You are probably eating something right now while you’re reading this. If you are, I can garauntee that you’re not paying attention to whether you’re hungry or full or not. Put down your fork and step away from the food.

Cut whatever you are eating (I don’t even care WHAT you’re eating) in half. Eat half now, eat the other half in an 60 or 90 minutes. Do it now, then come back to the computer.

When was the last time you evaluated your portion sizes? When was the last time you took out the measuring cup or food scale to measure just how much food you are eating?

Remember, your portion sizes should be TINY. Not “normal” and not “average.”  Not even “Small.”  TINY people. Think TINY.  When you’re serving up some food, think, “I’m going to only give myself a teeny tiny little bit.”  That probably means you’re going to want to eat half of whatever it is that you’re eating right now.

Remember you probably shouldn’t be eating any meat weighing in over 3 oz. (Most of the time I only eat 1-2 oz of meat).  It should fit in the tiny part of your palm, and not even that much, really. If using this method of measuring, the food shouldn’t cover any part of your fingers at all: palm only.

If you’re going to eat some bread or pasta or rice, use the same rule as above: palm only serving sizes. You should be seriously limiting your carbs. I’m not going to say not to eat ANY carbs at all, but it should be the smallest portion on your plate. A tiny little dab will do you.

I think October is one of those forgotten weight-loss months. Most of you are diving back into the routine of getting your kids back into school, working, after-school activities. You’ve probably put your “me-time” routines temporarily on hold, and I’m going to guess that your gym time got cut. You probably don’t take a short walk before or after work. You probably are taking care of everyone else other than yourself. And in a month you’re going to realize that the holidays are upon you, and you’re going to freak out and wonder why you didn’t take those 10 pounds off you had promised you were going to do. That’s because October happened to you.

Put down the fork.

Look, I can understand busy schedules. Of course you know that you SHOULD prioritize yourself in your life, but that can’t always happen. I get it, I really do. You can TRY to make it to the gym, but when your little one had soccer practice or has a little cold or you need to run to the nursing home to look after grandma…life happens. So what can you do? You can put down your damn fork. Cut your serving sizes in half, spread your food out over the course of the day, so you’re eating in regular intervals instead of in two big meals.

Keep your eye on the prize. You have to adapt with life as it changes with the seasons. You have to be smart, be thinking one step ahead of the game. Pre-plan your day, anticipate what your stumbling blocks are going to be. You can keep losing weight and achieving your goals even when life gets hectic.

You can do this! I believe in you!

What are you doing TODAY to adapt to your busy autumn lifestyle?

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  • Aboveaveragegal

    You are so right. I know I’ve been slipping into portion sizes that are too big. Just because I don’t have the best restriction yet, doesn’t give me an excuse… Thanks for the kick in the arse.

    I’ve been really focusing on ME first. I have freelance work to do, but I exercise first…it’s hard, but I’m doing. I think after this job I’m going to decline any other jobs until I get the hang of all this. It’s just too stressful to have work looming overhead when I come home from my 9-5.

  • Claynlesia

    I TOTALLY AGREE! It frustrates me to read ALL those who are confused WHY they are not losing with the amount of food and lack of will power they have. DUH!. smile,

  • Coloradofamily

    So true! Thanks for the reminder!

  • Jane

    Wise words for sure! I just reassessed what I’ve been eating, and if I want to lose more weight, I need to put down the fork sooner. I’m trying something a bit different–not so many carbs, less salt, and more water.

  • Amanda

    instead of putting down my fork, I shoved the last of the dove bar (200) in my mouth! now it’s the only thing i ate today and i probably will only have a salad later if that for dinner, but your right i should be losing more than a 1lb every 2 weeks with all teh working out i’ve been doing….will i change? i sure hope so!! i wo’nt be a fat bride!!!

  • Dr. Fatty

    Love it! You are sooo right and these rules I generally follow. Had a rough one today. Sigh. You are doing so well. GREAT post.

  • Allanmklein

    Are you out of your mind ? You are advising fat people to eat less and stop lying. You want them to be accountable. You are not just patting them on the head. OMG, what a great idea. Can’t wait to see them kick your ass for awhile..

  • Rapunzel

    Amen! I think it was a “tough love” day in Bloggerland, something we needed to hear/say to each other.

  • Mish

    I came to your blog through your Exposed link. I have to say that I am a bit saddened by your calorie counting regime. I don’t know how or if I could function on eating as little calories as your doing. I realise that you’re on a mission to lose weight and you’ve had GBS. I appreciate all that you’ve accomplished, but having a healthy relationship with food, enjoying it, and honoring your bodies caloric intake is vital. I really hope that you’re taking care of yourself, because you’ve got me incredibly worried.