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by Christine on October 6th, 2010

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Good morning Revolutionists!

Well, I decided to try working from home today, but unsurprisingly I’ve gotten very little done today. I have high hopes that I’ll get some writing accomplished though.  Yesterday I made it through another eight pages of my book. Gave it to hubby again, and he said it’s good. So I shall continue plodding along.  This morning I was plagued with self-doubt. Will this decision bankrupt us? How will this decision to give writing a go affect the marketability of my resume if I decide to get a “real job,” if this doesn’t pan out?  Is this the right decision for me, right now? I think my husband thinks that I’m kind of joking about this writing thing (even though we’ve talked about it every day, and I’ve given him my work each day to look at), but I’m entirely serious about it. I’m waking up early, sitting down, and getting many hours of writing in every day. This is my JOB, and I don’t expect that it’ll be easy, but I intend on giving it all I’ve got. Still, doubt plagues me.

I was happy to read some blogs this morning of “veterans” sharing that their advice to the younger generations is to “follow your dream” and “do what makes you happy.”  THIS–writing–makes me happy. Is that so wrong? I just worry about the consequences.  I’m going to close my eyes tightly, and hold on to the tiny shred of Faith that I have that this is what I’m meant to do. I hope I’m right.

Weight was 131.8 this morning, up just a little.  I was able to eat a little more yesterday, and I filled my daily calories out with chicken noodle soup (minus the noodles), coffee, grilled cheese on a thin pita, and some popcorn. The popcorn went down just fine, with no problems, so I figure my swelling has abated a lot. This morning I had some Chex cereal, again with no problems. I hope to try a salad today for lunch or dinner and see how that goes down.

Today I am visiting a local, historic estate as fodder for my book. I’m excited about the excursion. It’s a rainy day, so I won’t get to walk around the grounds, but hopefully I can pick the brains of the museum people. $4 for entry into the site.  I’m trying hard not to spend any money since I’m newly broke, but I’m chalking this $4 up to “research,” which is is!

Gym tonight, perhaps.

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  • Colls

    Most dreams are filled with self-doubt – you have to overcome it. Jump in and see where it takes you. Just be sure to keep your eye on the big picture, I think you will know if you are running into some trouble. You are lucky to have the courage to do this! <3

  • BG

    So happy that you’re following your passion! Hey, something else we’ve got in common…we writing together (and someday we’ll be able to say we’re authors!). Keep it up!


  • Dr. Fatty

    Ooooo! Have fun. I love excursions!

  • Bonnie

    You have to push through the self doubts. You can do this!

  • Shane G.

    Don’t let fear and self doubt win the day. It may be hard, but what worth doing is not hard? I mean seriously, I thought skating by as an industrial tech was ok, now that I am gettin my ass handed to me weekly going to school, I am still happier than I ever was there. I threatened a million times to go back to school but the financial security froze me over and over. Not any more!