First chapter down!

by Christine on October 5th, 2010

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I have received the sweetest, most supportive messages with my last post that I’m taking the plunge and trying my hand at writing! Thank you all so much for your kind words. They definitely encourage me and made me write with a smile on my face yesterday, feeling confident that I am making the right move.  After all, this is what I’ve always wanted to do, and right now…I’m doing it.

Yesterday I managed to put down on paper the first chapter of my book, 8 pages in total. Not bad for one day (7 nonstop hours) worth of work. I don’t imagine for a minute that I’ll be able to whip out an entire book in a week. I know that this will be relatively painstainking because I’m writing about real places, real historical events, and real people that existed. That involves a great deal of research, and fortunately I have done a lot of the background research needed over the last two years.  More research will be needed, too, as I delve into this book, so I will need to factor in some hands-on research into my timeframe for getting this book written.  It’ll all work out; I feel really good about this.

When I got home last night, I gave my chapter to my hubby to read. He is by far one of the smartest people I’ve ever met, and while I can’t say that he’s a well-rounded reader, he’s a voracious reader and has read more books than everyone else that I have ever met, combined. He can read two regular novels per day. I think he swallows the books whole and spits them out, and somehow in the digestive process the words sink into his head.  At any rate, my hubby read my chapter and said that it was good, that I wasn’t wasting my time, and that I need to keep on going. (He suggested that I start adding some action and plot, pronto. Then again, he’s a plot-driven kind of guy.)  This encouraged me!  I sent the chapter to my friend Peter, and he said, “I think you can do well with this.”  Hmm!

Today, I am back at the library for another 7 hours of writing time.

I digress! This is a dieting/wellness/fitness/weight loss blog, is it not?! So, how am I doing on that front?  While I think my swelling from my last fill is going down, I also can’t eat as much as I should be.  Food yesterday was:

9 a.m.: 1 glass of skim milk (120 calories)
11 a.m.: Crackers and cheese (150 calories), a cup of Dunkin Donuts coffee (100)
2 p.m.: Almonds (100)
7 p.m.: More skim milk (120) and half a thin-sliced chicken breast (with cheese on top) (60); barfed perhaps two bites of that up.
9 p.m.: More skim milk (120) (hey, it sounded good)
Total calories:  770, which is on target, but too much milk and NO veggies = unhealthy combination.

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  • Libby

    Proud of you but worried about your food intake. How much did the doctor put in? Maybe he should take about 1/2 of what he put in out? I’d hate to see you get sick from lack of nutrients.

  • Colls

    So glad you are going after your dream, congats! It may be a long road, but it will def be worth it!

    Sorry about the barfing of the chicken, lol! <3

  • spunkysuzi

    I’m so glad you are brave enough to follow your dream!

  • Dr. Fatty

    Good luck! I love to read, but the idea of being a writer is daunting for me. I think it’s great you are giving it a whirl.

  • Shane G.

    I am proud of your writing skills C, but I want to see some better diet skills, and get some damn exercise in too! Now! haha

  • islandbandit

    it’s a LIFE blog. I hope you keep writing about this new chapter in yours :)

  • Crazyfatgirl

    I think it is so awesome for a person to actually KNOW what they want to do… and then to have the courage to do it… Just awesome!!! I wish you much success!

    PS, is it possible to make your “comment” button bigger? My blind ass always has to search to find it, haha. This will be the year I get my eye examined. :-)