Waterfalls galore!

by Christine on October 2nd, 2010

filed under Christine's Life Updates, Exercise

Thatcher Park

Need smaller coat


Behind ze waterfall

Dudes! There's two waterfalls!

Hold on tight! I'm going off the edge!

Man, I live in a GORGEOUS area of the world. Appreciative!

Didn’t eat enough yesterday, but I’m doing better. Off to scrounge food right now. This afternoon: party up on Lake George. Woot!

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  • Shane G.

    holy crap those are some gorgeous pictures! I am coming to visit!!

  • Alan (Pounds Off Playoff)

    Yes, you do! I spent a fair amount of time in Upstate NY a while ago. Have made many trips to Letchworth State Park, south of Rochester, with AMAZING waterfalls and foliage this time of year. Been there?

  • spunkysuzi


  • Sarah G

    Gorgeous shots!

  • http://www.heathersbandedjourney.com Heather

    How beautiful! It looks like fall has arrived!

  • Claynlesia

    absolutely breath taking:)

  • Unknowndieter

    Wow, I love waterfalls. So gorgeous. Thanks for posting. I really enjoyed your pictures.

  • islandbandit

    And you have ‘halloween trees’. that’s what i used to call the fall leaf change when i was at school in PA many moons ago. I sure do miss the change of season. Here we have hot and hotter and that’s about it. Can I come visit?!?!?!

  • Maggie @ Looking For My Feet

    Oh that looks so beautiful! I’m all kinds of jealous right now.

  • Dr. Fatty

    BEAUTIFUL! Enjoy your weekend!

  • Dinnerland

    Hey Christine– I don’t know why I don’t see your blog in my feed, it doesn’t make sense (your blog isn’t the only one.) Anyway: congrats on being so close to goal and the pix from this post are beautiful.
    You’re an inspiration and I hope your job search is going well… I need to catch up on your blog!

  • Colls

    I want to go to there! Wow, that is amazing! I will have to check it out, not too far from me! I love the fall, perfect time for hiking! <3

  • Patrick

    I am so thirsty for some reason. I haven’t seen quality waterfalls in nearly 20 years. When I return to Hawaii next year I’ll hope to see some. Looks gorgeous and like a great place to get away from all the worlds realities.