Plenty of time on my hands

by Christine on September 29th, 2010

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This morning I weighed in at 132.8 — a 3.2 pound loss from the last time I weighed in. Oh, I’m not delusional into thinking that I’ve lost 3.2 pounds just from the little fill I got yesterday. No, this is due entirely to anxiety and the fact that I haven’t eaten in three days — at least, I haven’t eaten more than 300 calories on any given day. Today, my anxiety and burden has lifted greatly, and I’m looking forward to cooking a nice dinner tonight. And enjoying it.

Still, with my weight at 132, that leaves me only seven pounds from my final goal weight! Wow, that goal is inching closer and closer.

At the doctor yesterday, my surgeon voiced something that I have been suspecting for a long time — it was just nice to hear it from a medical professional. He said that weight loss is all about the food, and not at all about the exercise.  He said that for someone that is grossly overweight, exercise will help to burn calories, yes that’s true. But as you lose weight, become more healthy, and especially if you exercise regularly, that your body adapts and becomes more efficient and therefore doesn’t burn exercise calories at all like you might expect. For instance, my doctor said, he is a marathon runner, and every day he runs 10 miles or more per day. That’s a lot of calories burned, and yet he only eats an “average” amount of calories (1500 I think he said?).  The reason he doesn’t drop weight like crazy is because he’s healthy, in shape, and his body is burning more efficiently. He said that most “average weighted people” just won’t lose weight from exercise at all — it’s ALL about the food.

Now, that’s not to say that one shouldn’t exercise — it’s great for overall health — heart, immune system, mood systems, bones and muscles, and so on. But exercise doesn’t help with the weight loss.

That being said, I’m hoping to use the next few weeks to finally get to my final goal weight, and I DO plan on going to the gym as often as possible! I have plenty of time to devote to my weight loss, now. But it’s all about the food, and I am going to watch it like a hawk. Seven pounds. When I walk into work on my first day of work at my new job (whatever job that might be), I want to be at my goal weight. That would be pretty awesome. Starting afresh, kind of.

New beginnings abound today. What would you do if you got a chance to start from scratch?

It’s gonna be the start of something beautiful!

Edit to add: I have lost my list of blogs that I follow. If you want me to follow your blog, please do me a favor and leave a comment with a link to your blog on this post, and I shall add your site to my NEW blog list. Sorry for the confusion.

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  • Jacquie

    I am not sure I agree with what your doc said about exercising not helping with weightloss. I have done it both ways, just watching what I eat and counting calories and watching what I eat, counting calories and exercising and I lose more when I exercise.

  • Yonek

    I think exercise does help with weight loss/maintenance, but it is not a reason to eat more.
    This is a year where I am really focusing on getting out of ruts — not just weight rut, but in general.
    Enjoy your dinner!


  • Karen @ Not Just Celery

    I agree with your Dr firsthand that weight loss is more about food than exercise – I’ve gained this past year despite working out a ton and it’s because my eating has been less than spot on!

    PS did I miss something – did you quit your job? You’re talking about having more time on your hands etc but I didn’t see anything in your last couple of posts about it!

  • Bonnie

    Congrats being so close to goal. Man, that sucks about losing your list. I’m at

  • Heather

    You can do it! (Think of Hans and Frans from 90s Saturday Night Live) I have long suspected the same with the exercise. I used to watch this lady run in our neighborhood. She would run in the summer, fall, winter, spring, no matter what the weather. I would also see her running in other parts of town, so she was running a lot. She never got any smaller. I told my husband who noticed the same that I would totally get discouraged with that.

  • Shane G.

    I refuse to leave a link! Thpppppt! Hey that is great that you had a great talk with the Doctor. It kinda coincides that you say this with something I noticed this morning when i was walking. I am still walking my ass off as fast as I can, but for whatever reason, the last two days I just haven’t been out of breath like I used to be when I am done. I think my body is just getting to efficient. I have a website I go to to see how many calories standard activites burn and I have noticed that as my weight has lowered, my walking is using less and less calories for that period of time. Good problem I guess, but now I worry that the only next step is for me to start running and that I don’t think the Wal mart folks will let happen and besides, I can’t go to work sweaty. hmmm what to do?

  • spunkysuzi

    I’ve always heard losing weight is 80% food and 20% exercise!

  • Crazyfatgirl

    I was wondering too about your job and the time on your hands – thinking of you on that front…

    I would say 80% food and 20% exercise, but I personally think both are important. Because I exercise early in the morning, I feel like it is my reset button. Anything from the day before (not that I have had many bad days) get washed away. I also found that exercise increases my appetite. Besides there is that whole thing about losing muscle when you eat a calorie restrictive diet… by exercising you ensure you lose fat, not muscle.

  • theantijared

    I would be a DJ, so I could scratch from scratch

  • Maggie @ Looking For My Feet

    I know you can do this. I know you can get to your goal!!

    if I was able to start from scratch, with the knowledge I now have, I would take better care of myself. I know that sounds terribly cliche but it’s true.

    I hope you’ll come back and follow me!

  • Laurie9797

    Wow, you’re so close! Awesome! :)

    My blog is at

  • Libby

    You are doing great! Since I am at the very beginning of my journey, I guess I am starting from scratch right now. My plan is to follow the plan laid out by my doc to the T (I hate throwing up with a passion, so I plan to avoid that if and whenever possible). I am also planning to get some counseling to deal with my “head/emotional” hunger. I am getting back to the gym so that I can maintain my muscle mass and try to keep things firm as I lose. And, finally, I am planning to blog more to stay accountable to myself and hopefully get some support from others along the way. FYI – my blog link is:

    Is it correct to gather from your post that you are no longer working for the crazy, mean woman? If so, good luck on your job hunt. I have been looking for a while and things have really picked up lately. I’ve had an average of 3 interviews a week for the last 3 weeks. Have a final interview today. There is good stuff out there and the right things will come along for you. Trust it!

  • islandbandit

    I hope you’ll follow me again –

    i’ve heard the same 80/20 rule that others have mentioned here before. i used to be a very overweight gym rat once upon a time so i guess i’m living proof. also… remember that the goal weight is a number somewhat randomly plucked out of thin air once upon a time….. don’t kill yourself trying to get down to a particular number if where you are is good and healthy. oh and sexy!

  • Shane G.

    fine fine fine,here is my blog link! hahaha.

  • Patrick

    Hmmm, interesting what your doc says. I am of the belief that you gotta have both diet & exercise to drop the pounds efficiently. But, efficiently is a funny word with funny interpretations. For me, my experience of efforts in the past. If I do one, or the other; I may experience a spike down in weight loss but the plateaus comes fast and hang around long. But if I put both to work for me, I see better results over time. Sure, there are variables in there to consider e.g calorie count and activity level of your normal non-exercise day. Still, interesting to hear a health profession state it as you have said he did.

    What would I do if you got a chance to start from scratch?
    Seriously, March 2003 when my father came to live with us I would like to restart the ‘preiod’ of time he was with us.
    Humerously, My short career as a carpet cleaner should never have happened altough some of the ‘tips’ were rewarding.