Sunday nite

by Christine on September 27th, 2010

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Good evening revolutionists!! I hope you all had a great weekend filled with weight loss, activity, and healthy eating choices. I am now en route from southern Cali to nothern Cali in a car filled with family. I am savoring this time spent with family and am trying hard to put all the moments away in my memory bank! I am having a hard time sitting for so long these past few traveling days. My knees are hurting quite a bit, sore from this inactivity. Eating has been quite good although we have been only eating at random, very stretched out intervals, so I find myself starving most of the time. I just had dinner in solvang-a cup a split pea soup and a scoop of tuna fish, and a side of avocado. Delicious and really heathy. lunch was a side salad and a cup of chicken wild rice soup. My whole family are huge beatles fans and we are listening to rare recordings in mono–the school beatles stuff. I don’t even know some of these songs. I will listen and try not to have my 50th anxiety attack about work now. Weigh in tues when I have an appointment with my surgeon!!

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  • Mary (A Merry Life)

    I hope you enjoy the trip and your knees don’t hurt too much. :)

  • Ewa Bialkowski

    I also find that I have more aches and pains on days when I don’t exercise. Long car rides are the worst.

  • Claynlesia


  • Patrick

    Keep on enjoying time with family & the sunny side of CA. Safe journey.