Thursday ramblings

by Christine on September 23rd, 2010

filed under Christine's Life Updates

  • This week we signed up for a competitive volleyball league! Now that is a kind of exercise that I enjoy — a little socializing, a little moving, a little competition! Monday nights, $45 per person, 10 weeks, at a local elementary school gym.  We used to play in an intermediate league a few years ago (we stopped because we moved too far away to go regularly) and I hear that this league is not as challenging as the other one.  The other one was getting inundated by Power League players — you know, the kind that spike the ball at ten zillion miles an hour at your face? Yeah…I think an “easier” league would be really nice. I’m super excited about it! We start Monday!
  • My weight was up even more today: 138.8. That’s up almost four pounds in the last week! I do indeed feel like I can eat more lately than I should be able to. I have an appointment with my surgeon on Tuesday (to discuss my dislocated port — see pics HERE and HERE) and I will ask him for another fill at that time. I’m really looking forward to it; I hope it will help me get to my Final Goal Weight!  In the meantime, I can blame my four pound increase on: poor food choices, eating too much, period bloating, and salty foods. I’m already taking counter-measures: eating less, watching my choices, drinking lots of water.


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  • Sarah G

    Life is too short, if you can swing it financially I say go for it! You won’t regret going, but you might regret not going.

  • Miss Vickie

    I say go! You only live once my dear :)

  • TessieRose

    Sounds like fun, where in Louisiana do you have family? That’s my stomping grounds.

  • Dr. Fatty

    Do it! You should go.

  • Ewa Bialkowski

    Are you counting votes? Here is another one for YES, do it.
    Volleyball is fun! Gosh, it’s been ages since I played.

  • Heather

    I would vote go too. Sounds like a fun adventure!

  • Libby

    Oh, so jealous. My brother lives in San Francisco and I need to get out there soon. I’m with everyone else. You should go and have some fun. A little time away from the boss might not hurt either 😉

  • Diane

    Oh – definitely go!

  • Shane G.

    Wow, I am gonna feel like a heel here, but I am the financial conservative, I would have to think long and hard about how does this effect three months from now bottom line. Buuuut I make the least amount of money than anyone in here I am betting so, you may throw my opinion out the window and GO!

    As far as the competitive volleyball, JEALOUS! I love competition! One of my goals is to get into 5k’s on a regular basis and then to play softball again one day. I love to compete and be on a team.

  • Patrick

    Ah, that increase is explained it seems. You get your fill next week and the increase retreats is the plan. The goal weight will be yours.

    The volleyball league sounds great. I can see doing something laong those lines next year when the winter that is comiong goes away and I myself should be close to that goal wight of mine.