New Obesity Cure: Freezing Fat!

by Christine on September 16th, 2010

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Last week the Federal Drug Administration approved a new weight-loss method called Zeltiq, or “Cool Sculpting.”  No needles, no scars, no down time.

The Cool Sculpting machine can isolate areas and freeze the fat without damaging the skin. The fat cells eventually die off, and the skin is tighter and no fat cells are present.

According to ABC News 10: “The procedure starts by marking the area to place the suction instrument. This device is placed directly over the line and literally suctions the target area and begins freezing the fat cells within that zone. The freezing process takes one hour.”

You can do the procedure several times to get the maximal amount of shrinkage, but the costs increase every time. One application starts at about $700. (The Chicago Sun Times says it costs between $1500 and $3000.)


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  • Roadkill315

    Well, not sure i would go that route but being a science geek at times it is quite amazing what the folks come up with. I imagine their are side effects, but then breathing has side effects these days.