Ever go canoeing with your CAT?

by Christine on September 11th, 2010

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I was so excited that we got to go through the locks!  (Locks cost $5 for a motorboat, but FREE for canoes and kayaks!) It’s actually really interesting to watch the locks operate, but it’s even more fun to be PART of the lock!!! I highly recommend it!

Yes that picture above is of a WET CAT! She was walking along the edge of the canoe and fell in! Whoops! The minute we got her back into the canoe she jumped up onto the railing to give it a try again.

We went on the Mohawk River, which is only a few miles (er, blocks really) from my house, but we have never canoed on it. Unfortunately we GREATLY underestimated the length of the trip. I figured it would be a 2 hour trip, but 4 hours later we were both exhausted and DONE, and the cat was unhappy as well. We ended up getting out at a marina and hitch-hiking our way back to our drop-off car.  UGH.  Very unhappy. I didn’t even bring anything to drink because I didn’t think the trip would take so long!!

Four hours of canoeing = a GREAT arms workout! My shoulders are BURNING right now. I was paddling HARD for the last 2 hours because I wanted to get done faster. According to an online calorie counter, I burned 1, 100 calories.

We are all exceptionally happy to be home right now.

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  • Jo

    Very cool cat! I have been through the lock in a little boat about the size of your canoe, and it was SCARY! All that water boiling up. But we had a motor and didn’t have to row back to home. Great workout!

  • Allanmklein

    You canoed for 4 hours… Bet you never thought of those 5 words strung together 2 years ago.. Very cool slim

  • amanda

    Omg! That’s sooo cool! And btw, I can see the weightloss in your hubby very much in thos pics as well.

  • Debbie Lowe

    Wow that was some trip. I have not been in a canoe for years, but it sounds like fun. Beautiful pictures as well and the cat is beautiful as well… Great workout it sounds like.

  • Patrick

    LOL- a cat in the boat. Wheni had a boat the thought of taking a cat along never occured to me. And if it had my wife surely would have stopped me for fear I’d throw the cat over board. I have a tendency to joke about the cats allot so she thinks I don’t care for them. Looks like fun was had in the canoe cat and all. Nice job finding alternate exercise whether you meant to or not.

  • Teerling

    I go canoeing and kayaking with my cat all the time.  It’s great to see someone else does as well.  Very cool pictures.