Craft time!! (A non-food related post)

by Christine on September 10th, 2010

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So here was my first attempt EVER at making a homemade wreath & flower arrangement. It turned out pretty damn good if I do say so myself! AND — no eating, because it involves too much work with my hands. What a great way to be productive and stay away from food! I poured a glass of wine but forgot to drink it!!! Add some Led Zeppelin in Grateful Dead, and it was a pleasant and relaxing evening!

So be nice! Keep in mind that my house is…ahem…lacking in charm. The kitchen and bathroom desperately need a BIG facelift, but I don’t have $50k (or more) to spend on it. So I need to make do with what I’ve got…

These are all inspired by this blog. I was going to make the starbust mirror, too, but I didn’t find any circular mirrors at TJ Maxx or Marshalls, so that project went out the window…

Project #1, Stackable Dishes

Each item cost $3, for a total of $12. The “tower” thing is really a candle holder!

Project #2, Wreath Making 101

I got all my goodies piled on the table. Hmmm, surely it can’t be too hard to figure out how to do? Cutting all the flowers apart was the hardest part, because you can’t put them back together once you cut them up!

I laid it all out on the table first just to make sure that I had enough materials. I wasn’t entirely sure. It was actually the perfect amount! Boy, that wheat-like stuff sure was messy!

I love how it turned out!!! It’s prettier than any store-bought stuff I have in the house!  Total cost was…um…$25 or thereabouts, including the cost for the frame and wire.

Project #2: Pumpkin display for my bathroom

I bought a Styrofoam thingie to push the fake flowers into, then put it inside this paper mache pumpkin thing. Man, it was SO MUCH easier than real-life flower arranging because the flowers stay in put when you put them into the Styrofoam!  I think it turned out cute. The placemat cost $3 at TJ Maxx.  The pumpkin display was about $15 in materials.

Project #4: General decorating

Be nice….I built that tv cabinet. It’s not so nice as a Raymour and Flannigan cabinet…very bare bones, but it only cost me about $100 in lumber and paint, which, at the time when we moved into this house, was stretching our budget as it was.  The horrible blue carpet is on my list to replace this fall, provided that I can save enough money for it. God I hate that carpet. Anyway…I didn’t make the fall leaf strands; I bought them. They were the most expensive thing I bought today, too — they were $15 a piece! (2 of them) (Patrick, see the Eeyore?)

The few fall stuff I have on this cabinet are just hand-me-downs from my mother-in law. (I love my Star Wars collage though! Those are a few of my favorite Star Wars autographs.)

Yay for three hours of crafting and zero hours of eating!!

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  • Angela

    You did a great! Job. It all looks beautiful, bring on the cooler weather!

  • Ali

    Love your crafts! Especially like the pumpkin arrangment for your bathroom. I LOVE crafts and decorating my home, and I follow several decorating blogs. Its my relaxation and therapy all in one.

  • Linda

    Love the pumpkin arrangement – I may have to try that.